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    Writing Summer Programs

    Why Should I Take a Summer Writing Program?

    There are many reasons a middle or high school student will benefit from a summer writing program. Most practically, improving writing skills can mean higher ACT and SAT scores, better grades and a greater chance at college admission. Writing programs also unleash creativity in students that can ease stress and guide students toward future fulfillment and professional success. Sharp writing skills translate into enhanced performance in countless fields, from law and medicine to business management and hospitality. As distribution of the written word evolves and fragments with the expansion of the Internet, having a fundamental understanding of how to write to inform and persuade has never been more important. College faculty and expert writing instructors guide students through credit and non-credit summer programs. They offer writing workshops, peer feedback and thesis projects. Students can delve into categories such as poetry, fiction, non-fiction, playwriting, songwriting and technical writing.

    Are Virtual Writing Programs Worth It?

    Writing programs are one of the topics that are actually easily conveyed in a virtual/online format. Remote classrooms still allow for writer collaboration, sharing of passions, and forming bonds with other students. No matter the topic, whether it’s fiction to journalism, a virtual course can actually reach a more diverse audience and allow you to connect with people you would never meet if the course was conducted in-person. While virtual programs seem to feel like a loss or a deprivation compared to an in-person program, they are in fact a unique opportunity!

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