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    • The best time of my life (Shibuya, Japan)
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      Reviewed on May/28/2017 by Justin Schmitt

      My experience with EF is nothing short of amazing. I went to Japan for 3 months earlier this year. This was my first time in all my life traveling by myself. I was incredibly nervous and sometimes even hesitant. EF however, quelled those fears by helping and answering my questions and concerns. The school is very well put together. I loved every class I had and really felt immersed in the language. The teachers and staff are incredibly nice and super helpful. I learned really quickly that, if you don't ask questions you wont learn as well. They were more than happy to answer any and everything.

      I chose the Residence option which is sort of like a dorm/apartment. I'm super glad I did. I got to meet so many locals and talk with them regularly. I also made some friends that I went to school with. Friends that I talk to nearly daily through LINE! That's another amazing thing about EF. People from all over the world are coming to study with you. I made friends from probably over 10 countries! We went so many places together.

      I seriously loved every day. From the walk to my train, to the classes themselves. EF really knows what they're doing. The school being where it is (Shibuya), is so amazing. I really got to live the language. For that I'm really grateful. I'm actually going back really soon! That's how much I loved it. Thanks again EF!

    • My Amazing Summer in Malaga, Spain
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      Reviewed on May/23/2017 by Delaney Dugan

      This past summer I went to Malaga, Spain for three weeks. It had been my first time traveling alone and EF did a great job in helping me along my journey, from answering my many questions to picking me up at the airport! I was placed with a lovely host family and three other EF students, whom I still keep in touch with. I would recommend living in a homestay because you get the true experience of living in your destination, rather than feeling like a tourist. Taking public transportation to school and walking through the town really made me feel like a local and also gave me a lot of freedom. The classes I took were not only fun, but helpful! The teacher only speaks the language you are learning, which kind of forces you to learn. I had a perfect balance of classes and free time. My only regret was not doing more of the many activities offered by EF. From excursions to famous sites, to tours of the art in the city, to games on the beach, it was impossible to be bored! EF encouraged us to have fun while learning the language, which is the best way to learn! I very much enjoyed my trip with EF, and I hope to do it again in the future!

    • An Amazing Summer in Shibuya
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      Reviewed on Mar/28/2017 by Kyla S

      My experience with EF was an amazing one. Both centers I communicated with (USA and Japan) were extremely helpful. No matter how many questions I had along the way (trust me, I had many) were answered in a courteous and timely manner.
      Once I went abroad, I found EF to be very organized. My homestay was amazing, and the experience of being in Tokyo has given me memories I will keep forever.

      I would include more immersive class time. I signed up for the Intensive course because I thought I would have more time for core classwork, but General and Intensive (steps up from Basic) both just include SPIN classes which are supplementary material classes. These classes could be helpful, but they could also be things like touring around Shibuya or (very) repetitive vocabulary classes.

      I would recommend the Intensive course, but I wish EF's website was more clear about this distinction.


    • We all came from different backgrounds and cultures, lived together, studied together, and traveled together. I have created bonds that are worth maintaining through life, and I am beyond great full to have chosen EF. Every person I met at EF Shanghai has taught me something different and made me into who I am today.

      - Zachary Benetatos - July 13, 2018