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  • Summer Programs - TeenLife

    Summer Programs

    Spend this summer expanding your pre-college horizons. Check out thousands of summer programs, from rocket science camps to musical theater classes to wilderness training courses.

  • Gap Year Programs - TeenLife

    Gap Year Programs

    Find out more about how a pre-college gap year or semester contributes to personal growth and builds the life skills you need to succeed in college. Check out TeenLife’s once-in-a-lifetime gap year programs, ranging from work internships to premed programs to adventure trips.

  • Volunteer Opportunities - TeenLife

    Volunteer Opportunities

    Volunteer for a community service program to expand your world view, make a difference and feel good. Community service may also be a graduation requirement! Check out these nonprofit organizations that could use your help or connect you with a community service project.

  • STEM Programs - TeenLife

    STEM Programs

    STEM careers are on the rise, and students can start learning skills in STEM as early as middle school. Browse topic specific STEM summer programs and colleges.

  • Performing & Visual Arts Programs - TeenLife

    Performing & Visual Arts Programs

    Colleges, gap year programs, and summer programs all offer opportunities in the performing & visual arts. Pursue your passions and grow your strengths with a performing and/or visual arts program.

  • Colleges & Universities - TeenLife

    Colleges & Universities

    Begin your college search with our comprehensive college & university database. Or explore summer programs taking place on college campuses. College is a big investment. We can help you try before you buy.

  • Private High Schools - TeenLife

    Private High Schools

    Looking to choose a private boarding, day, or semester school with the values and teaching approach that best match your needs? These 2000+ high schools, in the US and abroad, also offer summer programs.

  • Therapeutic Programs and Schools - TeenLife

    Therapeutic Programs and Schools

    Are you a teen struggling with mental illness or substance abuse? Check out our listings of therapy programs and treatment centers to find the right path to a healthy and successful life.

  • Independent Advisors - TeenLife

    Independent Advisors

    Choosing the right school, college or program can be overwhelming. A local independent advisor can help you navigate these important decisions. Find the best path for you and your personal goals, with their help.

  • Tutoring & Test Prep - TeenLife

    Tutoring & Test Prep

    Boost your high-school grades and college admission test scores to smooth the way for the college application process. Our thousands of in-person or online tutoring and test prep resources fit a wide range of goals and budgets.

  • College Admissions Resources - TeenLife

    College Admissions Resources

    Learn everything you need to know about the college admissions process. With our college resources, teens can discover their dream school, find application help, and fund their undergraduate education.


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    In the 2013 movie Admission, Tina Fey plays Portia, a college admissions counselor at Princeton University. In one scene, Portia reads through applications and the applicants come to life and “sell” themselves. All of the ambitious college-bound high school students have great GPAs and test scores, as well as strong extracurricular activities—varsity athletes, award winning scientists, prima ballerinas, etc. Although the movie is a fictional account of the college admissions process, the idea that applicants need to be not just scholars, but also talented and memorable, rings true. While years ago, it seemed top ranked colleges were looking for well-rounded ...

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    The 5 Best Reasons to Consider Private School

    Perhaps your student is restless in large public school classes, has a long wait for an appointment to discuss college with the public school guidance counselor, or is lost in a big public high school that has little sense of community. If so, it might be time to consider private school. Private school advantages include smaller classes, sufficient staffing and a sense of camaraderie that helps support students. Don’t be turned off by the sticker price. Most private schools want diverse student bodies and offer scholarship opportunities. So if your public school student is yearning for something more, and you ...

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    3 Ways to Take Charge of Your College Search

    So many of my daughter’s friends chose a college based on all the wrong reasons: a boyfriend was going there; a parent was an alum; it was close to home; it had a prestigious name; the football team was rated; or they simply waited until the last minute and were out of options. Many times, students and parents just let the college decision happen. They automatically assume that once they decide to go to college, they will be able to get in somewhere, even if it’s a local community college. But you should take charge of your college search and ...

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    Announcing TeenLife's 2016 Guide to Performing and Visual Arts Colleges

    If you have an “arts kid,” creativity probably runs through his or her brain all the time – snippets of script, a few bars of music, the colors for a new pot glaze. And then comes the time when all those imaginative ideas have to be corralled and discussed to figure out the next step after high school. TeenLife Media and the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) can help! TeenLife’s 2016 Guide to Performing & Visual Arts Colleges is the official program for the 22 performing and visual arts college fairs NACAC is sponsoring nationwide this fall. Founded ...


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