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  • Summer Programs - TeenLife

    Summer Programs

    Spend this summer expanding your pre-college horizons. Check out thousands of summer programs, from rocket science camps to musical theater classes to wilderness training courses.

  • Gap Year Programs - TeenLife

    Gap Year Programs

    Find out more about how a pre-college gap year or semester contributes to personal growth and builds the life skills you need to succeed in college. Check out TeenLife’s once-in-a-lifetime gap year programs, ranging from work internships to premed programs to adventure trips.

  • Volunteer Opportunities - TeenLife

    Volunteer Opportunities

    Volunteer for a community service program to expand your world view, make a difference and feel good. Community service may also be a graduation requirement! Check out these nonprofit organizations that could use your help or connect you with a community service project.

  • STEM Programs - TeenLife

    STEM Programs

    STEM careers are on the rise, and students can start learning skills in STEM as early as middle school. Browse topic specific STEM summer programs and colleges.

  • Performing & Visual Arts Programs - TeenLife

    Performing & Visual Arts Programs

    Colleges, gap year programs, and summer programs all offer opportunities in the performing & visual arts. Pursue your passions and grow your strengths with a performing and/or visual arts program.

  • Colleges & Universities - TeenLife

    Colleges & Universities

    Begin your college search with our comprehensive college & university database. Or explore summer programs taking place on college campuses. College is a big investment. We can help you try before you buy.

  • Boarding Schools - TeenLife

    Boarding Schools

    Ready to combine school with independence? We have more than 400 listings for boarding schools and semester schools in the United States and abroad. Discover how a learning community focused on college prep or a particular interest sparks success. Many offer postgraduate (PG) years.

  • Private Day Schools - TeenLife

    Private Day Schools

    Looking for a private day school that has the classes, extracurricular activities and educational philosophy that match your needs? Explore our more than 1,000 listings and discover the advantages of private school, such as small classes and specialized approaches to learning.

  • Therapeutic Programs and Schools - TeenLife

    Therapeutic Programs and Schools

    Are you a teen struggling with mental illness or substance abuse? Check out our listings of therapy programs and treatment centers to find the right path to a healthy and successful life.

  • Independent Advisors - TeenLife

    Independent Advisors

    Choosing the right school, college or program can be overwhelming. A local independent advisor can help you navigate these important decisions. Find the best path for you and your personal goals, with their help.

  • Tutoring & Test Prep - TeenLife

    Tutoring & Test Prep

    Boost your high-school grades and college admission test scores to smooth the way for the college application process. Our thousands of in-person or online tutoring and test prep resources fit a wide range of goals and budgets.

  • College Admissions Resources - TeenLife

    College Admissions Resources

    Learn everything you need to know about the college admissions process. With our college resources, teens can discover their dream school, find application help, and fund their undergraduate education.


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    Whether or not a degree from an Ivy League college is in your future, there’s a way to get a taste of life in the Ivies. The eight Ivy League schools are among the oldest, most prestigious and most competitive schools in the country – and most of them have extensive summer programs available to high school students. “The students who come to these programs are students who are really academically engaged,” says Bill Holinger, director of Harvard Summer School’s Secondary School Program. “Like Harvard in general, one of our great strengths is the academics: the courses, the faculty, the ...

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    How Boarding School Offers Summer Independence

    Summer break provides ample opportunity for fun. But if you want to improve a lagging grade, get ahead on course credits, hone a talent or practice living independently, you might consider spending part of your off-time in a teen summer program at a boarding school. There are 231 college-prep and junior boarding schools that offer summer programs, according to Boarding School Review. Many in the United States welcome a mix of domestic and international students and teach ESL (English as a Second Language) to help students from overseas integrate into the American experience and culture. Some students use the programs ...

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    7 Study Tips for High School Students

    It is that time again: You need to study. You already know to avoid cramming and to get a good night’s sleep before your test. But there are seven less-common study techniques that will increase your efficiency and up your game. Some of them will even help when you’re filling out those last college applications or coming down to the wire on college essays. 1. Rotate through multiple study locations. Although you may know that choosing the correct study spot can help you concentrate on the task at hand, did you also know that it can be even more helpful ...

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    How my gap year in China was a ‘bridge’ to clarity

    A gap year allows you to slow down, check up on yourself and ask what it is that really matters to you. I began my gap year by making a map of myself. I was sitting outside a noodle house in the small village of Shaxi in Yunnan Province. It was late September, and I had finally realized that I was taking a gap year not just to practice my Chinese but also because I felt profoundly lost. This was reflected in the archipelago I drew to represent my mind: a Land of Curiosity, an Isle of Ambivalence and a ...


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