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    TeenLife’s Guest Blog Policy

    Interested in posting a guest blog with TeenLife? Great! The TeenLife Blog receives thousands of visitors every year seeking informative and insightful content about enrichment experiences and teen education.

    Requirements for Submitting a Guest Blog

    • The guest blog organization must have a listing on TeenLife (standard or paid).
    • Please note that TeenLife does not accept or give payment for guest blog posts.
    • Blog post length: 800 to 1200 words.
    • We value the uniqueness of your insights. Therefore, we accept only original content not published elsewhere. However, you're more than welcome to link back to your guest post once it's live on our website, and we encourage you to share the post on social media as well.
    • The topic must cover teen-related topics, such as gap years, pre-med, etc. We are not currently accepting guest blogs on the following topics:
      • Driving schools and driving tips
      • Rehab or alcohol and drug addiction
      • Gambling and casinos
      • Smoking
      • Any product placement
    • Rejection or acceptance of topics is solely at the discretion of the Director of Content, so if you're not sure whether your topic aligns with what we accept, please feel free to email us first at support@teenlife.com.
    • The blog may include up to three external links (think: statistics or reports supporting your points. We prefer that you link to the original source whenever possible). You may also include internal links to other TeenLife content. We will add nofollow tags to 1) pages we do not want to endorse, 2) sponsored or paid links, 3) affiliate links, or 4) those incorporating user-generated content.
    • The Director of Content may edit the submission, including, but not limited to, adding headings, optimizing the content for SEO purposes, correcting spelling and grammar mistakes, and changing language to match the brand voice. Any editorial changes will not affect the core content of the post.
    • Please send include a brief author bio. You're welcome to include a link to your company in the bio, which we'll also publish with the blog post once it's approved.

    TeenLife does not accept purely promotional guest blogs. Blogs must focus on information about topics of interest to our audience rather than the benefits of a specific program organization. The Director of Content reserves the right to either reject or heavily edit submitted content to ensure alignment with this requirement.

    How to Submit

    If you are interested in submitting a guest blog post to TeenLife, please click HERE.

    Please read this guest blog policy in full before submitting, as TeenLife will not consider guest blogs misaligned with these criteria. If you have any questions, please contact support@teenlife.com.