Guest Blog Policy

Thank you for your interest in being a guest blogger for!

We love having a variety of voices writing for parents, students and educators on our website.

Who are our guest bloggers?

We feature posts from educational advisors, writing coaches, people from the community service world, gap year experts -- anyone who works with teens and their parents to help them navigate high school life and the transition to college. We also welcome guest blog posts from students and parents!

What do we publish?

All posts must be original work that has not been published on any other website, forum, chat or social media network. We also welcome different formats, such as question-and-answer, lists, how-tos, for example. We would be happy to brainstorm a format with you. Our tone is down-to-earth, conversational and appropriate for high school students, parents and educators. We welcome humor and other ways to make your post engaging.

Do you pay guest bloggers?

Guest bloggers are not paid, but we give authors a short bio (75 words or less) and a photo (300 dpi, please). You may link to your website or social media sites from the bio. We ask that guest posts be informational, not promotional. If you are interested in something more promotional, we’d be happy to connect you with an ad rep to discuss a sponsored blog post.

What happens after I submit?

TeenLife retains the right to edit your submission (or refuse it), change the title to make it SEO friendly, and to insert relevant links. We will run edits by you and work to get something that makes everyone happy. TeenLife also retains all rights to the post – print and digital – unless we negotiate another arrangement first. We will notify you when we publish your post and ask that you link back to our site and promote the post on social media. TeenLife grants permission to post 150 words or less on your own website with a link back to the original blog. Please do not repost the entire piece.

Got questions? Please contact TeenLife’s content editor Sarah Shemkus at