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    Private Schools

    The Value of Attending a Private School

    Private schools — whether elementary, middle or high school — offer a distinct educational experience compared to public schools. While there are costs to consider, the value proposition can be significant for students who thrive in specific environments. Here’s a breakdown of the potential benefits:

    Focus and Specialization

    • Tailored curriculum: Unlike public schools with standardized curricula, private schools often have more freedom to design programs catering to specific interests. This approach could involve a stronger focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields for science-oriented students or in-depth arts programs for creative minds.
    • Advanced placement (AP) classes: Many private high schools offer a wider range of AP classes, allowing students to delve deeper into subjects and potentially earn college credit.

    Smaller class sizes and individualized attention

    • Closer relationships: Smaller class sizes are a hallmark of private schools. This setup allows more interaction with teachers, fosters stronger relationships, and enables educators to provide more personalized attention to accommodate each student’s strengths and weaknesses.
    • Increased participation: Smaller settings may help students feel more comfortable participating in class discussions and asking questions — leading to a richer learning experience.

    Specialized learning environments

    • Boarding schools: For students seeking greater independence and a focused academic environment, boarding schools provide a unique opportunity. Living on campus allows for complete immersion in academics and extracurricular activities, fostering a strong sense of community among students and faculty.
    • Day schools: Day schools, where students return home after classes, offer a balance between a focused academic environment and the comforts of familiar surroundings. Families may find private elementary day schools a better fit for younger students.

    Benefits for students of all abilities

    The comprehensive approach to education offered by private schools benefits students of all abilities. Some private schools have on-site learning specialists and therapists who can provide additional support to students with ADHD, Autism, or learning disabilities. These professionals can offer specialized instruction and help students develop coping mechanisms and navigate academic challenges.

    Private schools are often more flexible in providing accommodations and modifications. They have a structured, predictable environment that benefits students who may struggle with organization and time management. Clear routines and expectations can provide a sense of stability and predictability, reducing anxiety and promoting focus.

    These schools often emphasize positive reinforcement techniques which are highly motivating for all students, including those who may struggle behaviorally or academically. Focusing on students’ strengths and celebrating their achievements boosts confidence and self-esteem.

    Other considerations

    Remember that not all private schools are created equal. Take into consideration factors like residency. Would you prefer a day school where your student lives at home or a residential boarding school experience? What about location — consider proximity to home and the school’s overall environment. Does the school offer specific programs aligned with your teen’s academic interests and future goals?

    How about the cost? Private schools typically have higher tuition fees than free-to-attend public schools. However, many institutions offer financial aid and scholarships to deserving students.


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        Private Schools for Teens

        Focusing on core curriculum and one or two other subjects that are important for future career specialization, private day schools offer the absolute best in education while still allowing a student to live at home. Whether your teen is a budding scientist who needs to be challenged in the STEM fields or the next revolutionary filmmaker, there’s sure to be a private school out there for them. Check out our listings now! 

        Boarding Schools for Teens

        Perhaps instead you’re looking for a boarding school, where your teen can foster their independence among a community of peers and educators. Top boarding schools specialize in certain subject areas, and parents should choose boarding schools for teens based on what the teen wants to do in the future. While many boarding schools are considered expensive, most offer financial aid and scholarships for students in need. 

        How Do I Find a Private School for Teens?

        TeenLife has more than 1500 private schools listed on our site, and you can view them all directly from this page. All you have to do is use the filters on the left side of the screen and sort through all the different opportunities. Once you’ve found a school that matches your interests, passions, or skillset, simply click on the listing and send the organization your info!