Explore Our 2024 Guide to Gap Year Programs!

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    Upgraded Listings

    • Greater Exposure: Enjoy priority positioning and enhanced search visibility to get noticed by more families.
    • Lead Generation: Collect and manage leads directly through your upgraded listing.
    • Performance Insights: Access detailed analytics to track your listing’s success.

    Email Campaigns

    • Targeted Campaigns: Customize your outreach by selecting specific regions and demographics to maximize impact.
    • Deliver Results: We can provide valuable leads or direct clicks to your website, depending on your preference.
    • Nationwide Engagement: Tap into our national opted-in audience using dedicated and shared email campaigns.


    • Directory Listings: List your program or service, including embedded videos, in the directory section of one or more special interest guides. Half & full-page ads also available
    • Drive Traffic: Embedded links direct readers to your listing and website.
    • Real-Time Leads: Collect additional leads via online Reader Response forms, delivered to you in real-time via email.

    Digital Advertising

    • Co-Branded Social Media Ads: Leverage our brand to enhance your social media presence and engage with a broader audience.
    • Versatile Ad Placements: Target your audience with digital display ads, video ads, and streaming pre-roll content on TeenLife.com and other websites.

    Virtual Events

    • Lead Generation: Collect participant information and follow up with potential leads.
    • Present Live: Participate in a live fair to showcase your programs and services to interested families.
    • Continuous Visibility: Enjoy extended exposure as we promote your event recordings, which are hosted on our YouTube channel.
    • Average Household Income: $266,000+
    • Highly educated, 3x more likely to have a graduate degree
    • 38% report a net worth over $1 million