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    Volunteer Opportunities

    Give Back and Grow

    Volunteering is a powerful way for teens to try something different that benefits them and their community. Whether it’s building a house, teaching a younger student, or cleaning up a local park, volunteering opens doors to new experiences and perspectives.

    This worthy endeavor isn’t just about helping others — it’s about growing as a person and feeling a sense of accomplishment. You’ll develop valuable life skills like empathy, teamwork, communication, and problem-solving. Most importantly, you connect with your communities and make a positive impact on the world around you while fostering your sense of social responsibility and even a lifelong passion for service. 

    Use the filters to explore your options and find your perfect fit. Also, check out our guides  and the bottom of this page for additional volunteer programs we’ve curated for specific interests.

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        What it means to volunteer

        Volunteering is an unpaid activity you do to benefit others. You might choose something solo, work with a group, or partner with an organization. The key? Giving your time and skills without expecting anything in return. However, while you might not collect a paycheck, you do earn plenty of intangible benefits.

        Besides personal growth and skill development, you’ll gain confidence and independence. Participating in volunteer programs shows initiative, a commitment to learning, and a desire to help others — all prized qualities for future colleges and employers. 

        Studies show that teens who volunteer regularly develop their empathy, cultural awareness, and desire to serve. These qualities remain long after your volunteer experience ends. Start planning your own volunteer adventure today. There are hundreds of non-profit organizations that welcome students under the age of 18 as volunteers.