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    Service Providers for High School Students

    There are a lot of options out there for teens. In fact, on TeenLife alone there are more than 10,000 colleges, summer programs, and gap year options for students to explore. These options can sometimes be overwhelming, causing students and parents to not even know where to start looking. 

    That’s where service providers like the ones listed here come in. On this page, we’ve collected hundreds of counselors, advisors and more who are available in person or online to assist any student. Read more about the different kinds of providers below, or start exploring our 800+ service providers today!

    • Independent Education Consultants: Whether you need help finding a summer program, choosing a gap year, considering private schools, or applying to college, the providers in this category have got you covered! Independent Educational Consultants offer all sorts of different personalized resources and are one of the best ways for students to get help in achieving their dreams.
    • Tutoring and Test Prep: Does your teen need help with a particular subject in school? Is a higher standardized test score just out of their grasp? Consider reaching out to one of the 200 different Tutoring and Test Prep providers listed below. There’s sure to be a resource that will help your teen achieve their true academic potential!
    • College Resources for Teens: Turn your college dreams into a reality! Services offered by these providers include essay reading, scholarship opportunities, specialized college recommendations, college selection tools, and more!
    • Special Needs Services for Teens: These providers offer comprehensive special needs services to students with learning or developmental disabilities such as ADHD and dyslexia. There are a wide range of options in a number of locations, with many programs offering specialized services for any specific need you may have.
    • Job Resources for Teens: Looking for the summer job of your dreams? These providers can help connect you with amazing job opportunities for teens who want to earn money. Explore their databases now!
    • Mental Health and Well-Being Services for Teens: We know that being a teenager can be difficult. The providers listed here offer therapeutic and behavioral health services for teenagers of all ages. Resources include assistance with drug or alcohol abuse, social and emotional needs, educational issues and more.
    • Financial Services for Teens: Managing your money can be difficult, especially as a teenager. These providers offer a number of resources to help teenagers learn how to earn, save and spend their own money!
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