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    College and University Options for High School Graduates

    College and university aren’t the only paths after high school graduation, but they’re a fantastic way for teens to invest in their futures. With so many higher ed institutions offering a vast array of programs and majors, choosing the right one can feel overwhelming. 

    Whether you’ve got a specific career path in mind — like art and design and business/entrepreneurship to computer science, engineering, STEM, or the performing arts — or not, TeenLife is here to help.

    Use the filters to explore your options and find your perfect fit. Also, check out our guides and the bottom of this page for additional schools we’ve curated for specific interests.

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        Why Choose College?

        College is a time of exploration, discovery, and personal growth. Step outside of your comfort zone and explore the vast array of programs and opportunities available.

        A college degree offers numerous advantages for high school graduates:

        • Higher earning power: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, college graduates tend to earn more over time than people with high school degrees. They also experience lower unemployment rates. 
        • Increased independence: You’ll gain valuable experience managing your time, finances, and studies.
        • Exposure to new ideas and people: College provides a vibrant environment with diverse perspectives and opportunities to learn from professors and experts in your chosen field.
        • Preparation for specific careers: Many professions require a college degree.

        We’ve built a comprehensive database of colleges and universities around the world specifically tailored to high school students. Check out our various guides, including our Guide to Performing & Visual Arts Colleges and Guide to College Admissions. Search our TeenLife Blog, which also includes a wealth of information about all things related to college and university—from scholarships to student testimonials and everything in between.

        Make College Affordable

        While college costs can be a concern, many universities offer scholarships and financial aid to help make education accessible. In-state tuition at a public university is less than tuition at a private institution. Use the filters to sort colleges aligned with your interests and budget.

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