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    Gap Year Programs

    Gap Year Programs for Teens

    A gap year program is one of the best ways for students to expand their education outside of the classroom. With opportunities in fields like language, business, STEM and more, a gap year before college is a perfect way to enrich a teen’s life after high school. 

    On this page, we’ve collected some of the best gap year programs for teens and put them all in one place. Read on for more information about the benefits of taking a gap year, or start exploring these great programs today!

    Gap Year Programs


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        What is a Gap Year? 

        A gap year is an enriching, out-of-school learning experience that typically takes place in between a student’s high school and college career. They tend to last for either for a semester or entire calendar year. A gap year can take many different forms, depending on one’s interests and passion. 

        Study abroad language programs are one of the most popular types of gap year programs for teens. However, domestic options are quickly gaining popularity. This includes local volunteer opportunities or apprenticeship programs that grant valuable work experience. Rigorous academic options hosted by colleges or other groups are also available. 

        How to Find Gap Year Programs

        From this page, you can browse all of our available gap year programs at once, filtering them by parameters that you decide. Use the options on the left side of your screen to narrow down your search. You have the option to filter by delivery method, location, cost, length, start date and more. 

        What are the Benefits of a Gap Year? 

        Some of the benefits of a gap year include:

        • Increased Independence
        • A Customized Education Experience
        • The Chance to Make New Friends
        • Financial Stability
        • Career Connections
        • Confidence in the Future
        • Time to Relax and Reflect
        • A Resume That Stands Out

        To learn even more about the benefits of taking a gap year, check out this TeenLife blog!

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