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    How It Works – Educators & Advisors

    We know that there’s a lot of choices out there for your students, so much that it can sometimes be overwhelming for both them and you. For teens today, there’s a lot of paths to take after high school, and whether it be a college, a career, a gap year or something else entirely, it can be almost impossible for teens to know where to start looking and how to pick the route that's best for them.

    At TeenLife, we aim to solve that problem. By making it easy for students of all backgrounds to connect with out-of-school enrichment activities that match their interests, TeenLife hopes to serve as a tool for all the educators and counselors who are helping students navigate their way into adulthood.

    How Can Educators Use TeenLife?

    There’s a lot to choose from at TeenLife — more than 13,000 programs in fact — but our website’s top-tier search capabilities ensure that your students are connected only with the opportunities that match their specific interests. We collect the programs and present them to you — all that’s left for your student to do is determine which is the best fit for them.

    So how does it work? Well the best way to learn about the new program offerings is to subscribe to our TeenLife emails, which are full of guide announcements, event registrations and much, much more. We’re constantly partnering with the different organizations listed on our site to offer great deals on can’t-miss opportunities, so be sure to sign up today.

    Additionally, there are two ways for users to search for programs directly on TeenLife. Firstly, users can make keyword searches, just like on Google or any search engine online. To do this, simply navigate to TeenLife’s homepage and type in the search bar the types of programs you’re looking for. Whether your students are looking for “STEM for Girls” or “Theater Summer Camp,” dozens if not hundreds of programs matching your search query should appear on-screen when you hit search.

    Teens can also browse through our listings and filter by a number of different parameters, narrowing down the thousands of programs available to a select few that interest them. To do this, one need only navigate to the “Find Opportunities” menu bar, decide what program type they’re seeking (gap year, summer program, private school, etc.) and begin filtering using the tabs on the right. You can filter programs by cost, start date, location, delivery method and more. You can also now create a TeenLife account, which will make your experience on our brand new website even better, allowing students to connect with programs on a more personalized level.

    Make the Process Seamless By Using a TeenLife Widget!

    Want to give your students an easy way to sign up? We are excited to offer TeenLife Widgets that allow students and parents to do a quick search for Summer Programs, Gap Programs, and Volunteer Opportunities. Simply fill out this form to request a widget and a member of our team will contact you with the code to embed it on your site.