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    • "A phenomenal program I recommend to all teenagers and young adults. Kids need to have a sense of how things work in the financial world and broader economy. I want Sophie to be able to read NY Times and follow the headlines."

      - YFS Alumni Parent (Sophie's Mother) - August 14, 2021
    • "The Program did a great job of communicating Finance skills to high school students like me who were completely beginners during that time. I remember the lectures from Professor Chuck Garcia and Mr. Jeremy Pang and a lot of other teachers on like financial intelligence, emotional intelligence, businesses, entrepreneurship, capital markets, a lot of more."

      - Serena Wang (NYIF Pre-College Alumni, Yale Undergrad) - September 5, 2022
    • "YFS Summer Camp at the New York Institute of Finance is the most challenging camp for Daniel. The instructors are financial experts, some of whom are senior professors, who are very dedicated. Most of the instructors are based in New York. Teaching assistants are also dedicated and helpful, guiding students to complete financial research projects"

      - Pre-College Alumni Parent (Daniel's Mother) - August 25, 2021
    • "I was planning to enroll them in other summer camps, but they all refused, saying they didn't have time. However, they agreed to join the YFS Program after they read the YFS brochure and the curriculum, and I was also happy. This shows that they are taking this seriously and want to follow the project and constantly improve their cognitive ability. I was very happy to hear the children's presentations for the first time. Through learning, they enriched and improved their knowledge. They really like the program!"

      - Pre-College Alumni Parent (Alex and Clara's Mother) - September 13, 2022