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    World Scholars Academy offers elite summer medical courses for students from ages 12-18 designed and taught by world-leading instructors. Explore your future career path and accelerate your success with personalized college guidance and high-level instruction in medicine led by the world's most accomplished educators.

    World Scholars Academy courses are taught by world-elite instructors from top universities, hand-selected for their intellectual leadership and ability to transmit high-level insights to their students. On our programs you'll work both one-on-one with your instructor and in a select group of other academically-ambitious peers from around the world. Our summer courses introduce students to what it is like to undertake advanced study in leading disciplines, while providing the correct foundations and learning mindsets to attain the highest levels of academic and professional success.

    Medicine summer courses are available for ages 15-18 and 12-14. Courses are delivered synchronously in (i) ten live and interactive classes, and (ii) two one-on-one personalized academic tutorials.

    World Doctors Academy (ages 15-18)

    Class 1: Medical Degrees and Careers
    Class 2: University & Study Skills
    Class 3: Human Anatomy
    Class 4: Pathology & the Immune System
    Class 5: Biochemistry & Pharmacology
    Class 6: Optimal Nutrition
    Class 7: Neuroscience & Medicine
    Class 8: Current Medical Debates
    Class 9: Medical Case Studies
    Class X: Mock-Hospital Challenge

    Discover Medicine Academy (ages 12-14)

    Class 1: Medical Study Skills
    Class 2: Anatomy & Physiology
    Class 3: The Cardiovascular System
    Class 4: The Digestive System
    Class 5: The Immune System
    Class 6: The Nervous System
    Class 7: Fundamentals of Nutrition
    Class 8: The Mind-Body Connection
    Class 9: Clinical Case Studies
    Class X: The Future of Medicine

    Medical Course Elements
    • Max class size six (6) students
    • Individual academic feedback and guidance
    • Take-home continuing study exercises and resources
    • Letter of Recommendation from your instructor (upon satisfactory participation)
    • Access to video recordings of all ten (10) live classes for future review
    • Course completion certificate

    Classes will last approximately two hours and will be delivered on weekdays. Please visit our website for additional course details.

    Meet Your Instructor

    Dr. Eleanor Hogg holds a doctorate in medicine from the University of Oxford with research specialization in technology enhanced learning in medical education, including high-fidelity simulation and virtual reality. She is a practicing physician at the University of Oxford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the concurrently the Director of Undergraduate Neuroscience Tutoring at Magdalen College, University of Oxford. During the COVID-19 pandemic she additionally was an early volunteer in the ICU at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford.


    She is published in peer-reviewed medical journals in the fields of medical education, maxillofacial reconstructive surgery, and regenerative cardiology. She was previously president of the Sherrington Medical Society, was shortlisted for the Royal Society of Medicine's 2019 Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Prize, and won the 2017 Exhibitioner's Award at Magdalen College, University of Oxford.


    "Dr. Eleanor Hogg turned the virtual sessions into reality. It was as if I was inside the different hospital sections, operating equipment and interacting with patients.
    –Lexine A. (15) Parañaque City, Philippines

    "I recommend taking this class to not only learn about taking medicine in the future but to become excited for medicine."
    –Hannah, J. (15) Rolling Hills, CA

    "Eleanor created a very good environment for asking questions. We covered a lot of content quickly and she explained concepts in a way that made complex content less confusing." 
    –Francis, T. (18) Oxford, UK

    Cost and Session Information

    World Scholars Academy welcomes ambitious and inquisitive students from around the world. Placements on our summer programs are capped and we recommend early enrollment for the best chance of success.

    Medicine Summer Program Costs:
    Price: $2795 

    Medicine Summer Program Dates:
    Program dates vary. Please visit our website for details.