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    • This entire experience was surreal and I am so grateful I was able to attend. The student body was so diverse and I made connections through networking that l could have never imagined. I want to thank the Financial Aid advisory for providing me with the funds to attend this program; if that had not been gifted to me, I would have not been able to attend.

      - Christalyn Ausler, Winnebago, Illinois - Secondary School Program, 2019 - October 30, 2019
    • This experience has really made me think of college differently - it's something I can do. I feel more independent. This is one of my favorite summers.

      - Maya Avelino, Jacksonville, Florida - Secondary School Program, 2018 - January 11, 2019
    • I really wanted to do something worthwhile with my summer. With the 7-week program, I was able to take two different classes with Harvard students. It feels more genuine to the actual college experience. The diversity of students and the diversity of cultural values really helps shape the educational experience here.

      - Vipul Periwal, Gorham, Maine - Secondary School Program, 2018 - January 11, 2019
    • I chose the Harvard program because it offered many courses that other schools did not provide. You can get the full college experience, an entire semester of classes, and get the credit on top of it.

      - May Sanadhya, Singapore - Secondary School Program, 2018 - January 11, 2019
    • There is so much I've learned from this program. Meeting new people and having a solid group of friends has really motivated me. I felt the sense of belonging and I felt the sense of importance.

      - Muhammad Elarbi, San Diego, California - Secondary School Program, 2018 - January 11, 2019