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    • My daughter went on her first Give Trip to Thailand this summer and she had the absolute best time. The organizers helped me feel comfortable as a parent to allow my daughter to travel so far away, they patiently answered all questions and made it very simple. My daughter had an absolutely incredible time. She learned so much about the Thai culture and has such respect for it. She loved her guides, the friends she made and the experiences. She didn’t want to come home. Very well done!

      - Kelly (Mom of Thailand Volunteer) - August 27, 2023
    • As my son was looking for a fun, rewarding summer adventure, he stumbled across the GIVE Volunteers Organization through an online search . Not only did this pique his interest, but I was in awe of their various and diverse offerings, impressed with their glowing reviews, and attentiveness to responding to questions I had. My son ended up taking the PNW trip, and it was one of his best life experiences. In fact, although being outnumbered on the trip (he was one of two boys, out of the 14 person group), he made lasting friendships and amazing memories. The guides were super friendly, always supportive and provided a lot of laughter. The trip opened his eyes to not only just new surroundings, but also a greater appreciation for the environment (through their time spent preserving the ecosystem and wildlife), connecting with others from different cultures, and having the freedom to explore and adventure outside of the working hours. I would highly recommend this organization and look forward to my son attending future trips!

      - Allison (Mom of Pacific NW Volunteer) - August 10, 2022
    • I left for Tanzania three days after graduating from high school. Entering the classroom for the first time, I felt timid and under qualified to be teaching a group of adults. Instead, I was greeted with the most authentic and joyful people I've ever met. Their pure enthusiasm to learn lifted me up in the constant smiles and laughter and I was eager to come to class each morning. We were there to teach them, but in the end I learned more from the people of Kairo than I could ever learn in a classroom. Most important to me was how GIVE engaged with the community and included locals in the work and highly valued their opinions. It was clear they wanted us there and valued our efforts in the community. We were led mainly by locals and their knowledge of the area and the cultural values in Tanzania always made me feel comfortable and welcome. I cannot recommend this program enough for anyone who is wanting to find their purpose abroad!

      - Margeaux (Tanzania) - September 19, 2023
    • I traveled to Thailand with GIVE this past December and I can truthfully say it was by far my favorite trip I have done to date. The itinerary was well thought out and always executed to perfection. We had the perfect balance of work, fun, and education. I felt as though I was well immersed in Thai culture and got the most out of my experience. Every meal was absolutely delicious. The volunteer projects were discussed with the local teachers, farmers, and community members in order to provide the most effective service possible. We had the opportunity to go caving, tube down the river, and even learn how to build our own bamboo raft to travel down the river to a new village. And of course, we had the chance to meet elephants! We trekked through the jungle to find these amazing animals and had the chance to feed and bath them in the river. Every activity and meal had a purpose and made my time in Thailand meaningful and fun. Not to mention, the amazing guides and people that I had the opportunity to meet. Everyone was so caring and fun to be around. We were able to learn from one another and enjoy this experience together. I cannot wait till all of our paths cross again somewhere in the world!

      - Thailand Volunteer - December 28, 2022
    • This experience is incredible. I was nervous for this trip as it was my first time traveling by myself however GIVE was super helpful throughout the whole process of preparing for the trip and when we arrived at the airport the guides were there to welcome us. The guides on this trip are all knowledgeable and are happy to answer any questions you have about the culture. This experience taught me how to travel responsibly and respect the culture of the place you are visiting. I met like-minded people and now have friends halfway across the world...If you want to find yourself, meet people from all round the world and do something meaningful while also learning about why the work you are doing is important then this trip is for you. Laos is such a beautiful underrated country that is definitely work traveling to.

      - Laos Volunteer - July 30, 2023
    • I wanted to share some of my positive experiences with GIVE's customer service. Any time I have given the support team at GIVE a call they give me their full attention. One of my first experiences was over the phone with Carly when I was having travel issues leading up to my departure for GIVE Hawaii. She went out of her way to help me and to ensure that I got the experience I had been planning for. During moments when I was worried or uncertain, Carly was reassuring and always stayed positive. Whether you just need to ask a few questions or have unexpected travel problems, the customer support at GIVE is there for you. GIVE offers a great experience from the time that you apply to the time that you come home from one of the great adventures that they provide. The staff are encouraging individuals who always do their best to serve you in whatever way possible. I highly recommend traveling with GIVE and taking the first step towards having a one of a kind experience. I am very appreciative for the interactions that I have had with the support staff and guides through GIVE. Thank you!

      - Ashtyn (Hawai'i) - September 2, 2022