• My Pathway to College has been invaluable to us! Since the beginning they have broken down for us the many daunting steps it takes to apply to colleges into very manageable steps. Our counselor challenged us to explore our options without making it overwhelming, provided advice and resources all along the way, always lets us know where our energy is best spent and either keeps us on track or ahead of the process alleviating the stress of multiple deadlines all at once that we didn’t even know about. And she is delightful all the while.

      - Parent - March 5, 2021
    • I am so grateful for the work you have done with our daughter. She definitely needed your team! Jennifer and Jamie, your experience and careful and caring demeanor towards assigning tasks while setting her up for organizational success during this process is 100% the reason she is motivated for college. My husband and I are so very proud. The work you have done with her college application process will go beyond a college acceptance. With the restraints due to the pandemic, and all that happened at the end of her junior year, I could see that she was uninspired to care about college at all anymore. Your guidance has been key to any good thoughts she has had about life after the pandemic. Your work has inspired our daughter to believe in herself again. Your expectation for her to be disciplined enough to allow herself to learn from this process, from you directly, and by using resources available to her, will take her far. She told me that My Pathway to College encouraged her to express herself more personally through her writing. I know that your part in working with her during this process was to improve her college essay, but from the personal perspective of a 17 year old, you did so much more. Helping her connect how she was raised to why she is the person she is, and going to be, has been part of her healing process and hope for a future to express herself. Her attitude towards her family and connection with us seems stronger for it. She told me yesterday that she’s planning on writing a Spoken Word for each month of 2021. I am so thankful for My Pathway to College’s help!

      - Parent - June 15, 2021
    • I have loved working with My Pathway to College this past year! Not only did they help me get into my dream college, but they spent countless hours working with me and truly helped me discover my voice.

      - Student (Class of 2021) - Attending Stanford University - May 20, 2021
    • My Pathway to College™ broke down everything with me and really allowed me to understand the college application process. Also, I would say the most helpful part was that my counselor made sure I stayed on top of the deadlines, and assisted me with my essays.

      - Student (Class of 2020) - Attending the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor - June 2, 2020