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    • INTO Prep was definitely the key that opened the door of my dreams. I live in Ecuador, South America, and I speak Spanish. From a very young age, my dream was to study in one of the best Universities in the United States. My only obstacle was my SAT. Despite all the doubts I could have had, I decided to sign up for the summer program at Bryn Mawr in 2018. The directors of IntoPrep, Mr. and Mrs. Koo, were incredibly supportive, they were there to support me with advice, academic reinforcements, and even being the family that was absent due to the distance between the center and my country. Inspiring is the word I want to use to describe teachers in IntoPrep, those brilliant minds graduated from the best universities in the world (Harvard, Columbia, Penn, Carnegie Mellon, etc) were as humble as interesting. They became my mentors and they are still my friends. Despite my gaps in mathematics and language, the professors knew how to teach me from the most basic so that in the exam I get to be in the top 1%. Something I did not expect and happened. As if that were not enough, I improved my English level in an incredible way, without getting any preparation or book I got a 105 TOEFL score just for the number of discussions in which I participated in class. I was exposed to another kind of culture and made friends from all over the world. Finally what everyone was waiting for in this review, yes, I upgraded my SAT score, much more than I expected, I improved my score by more than 300 points. The outcome of this story is simple, thanks to the full support of Into Prep and my dedication now I fulfilled my dream, I got accepted in 2 out of the 3 Ivy League universities that I applied to and I got accepted in 5 of the 20 best universities in the United States. IntoPrep was one if not the best academic and cultural experience of my life, 1000% recommended for any international or native student.

      - Pedro Saltos, Class of 2018 - October 16, 2019