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    Quinnipiac University Summer Pre-College: Computing and Data Science

    Quinnipiac University Summer Pre-College: Computing and Data Science


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    This program is designed for high school students who want to learn about the rapidly growing field of data science. Data science is an interdisciplinary field that uses math, statistics, and computer programming to analyze data, detect patterns, solve problems, and influence the decisions we make. A foundation in data science is useful for a wide range of careers found in almost every industry!

    In this 2-week program, high school students will be introduced to the field of data science. Beyond learning foundational data science theory from knowledgeable and experienced Quinnipiac faculty, you will have a chance to apply what you have learned and build practical skills by working on hands-on data science projects. You will also benefit from learning about the many career possibilities within the field of data science.

    This program is perfect for high school students who love problem-solving, looking for patterns, creative thinking and the idea of using technology to tackle real-world challenges.

    At the end of this program, you will walk away with:

    • Foundational knowledge of Big Data and data science theory and methodology through an engaging program taught by experienced faculty
    • Hands-on experience analyzing data sets to uncover patterns and solve problems
    • Exposure to the career possibilities within the data science field and an understanding of how data scientists use their skills and knowledge to solve problems across diverse industries