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    • Polygence gave me a great...
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      Reviewed on Jul/10/2023 by ariana

      Polygence gave me a great opportunity to pursue what I am passionate about! As a high school student, I was able to participate in student-based research which provided great longterm benefit to my understanding of chemistry and the rigor of a research paper. I strongly recommend Polygence if you are a high school student who wants to participate in student-based research about your interest! This was a highlight to my college application, and I have learned so much throughout the process of my work.


    • My mentor is wonderful! She is very thoughtful, personable and overall the best mentor a mentee could ever wish for. She took the teaching of the concept portion of the program very seriously; I learned so many new things on the topic I was researching. I can definitely say she really inspired me to keep doing research! You can also tell that she puts a lot of time and effort for her mentees through her attention to detail and her comments. She really does her best to give you a deep and detailed review of your work. I always gained some very good insight when editing my work! I also really appreciated that my mentor took the time and energy to go through the thick and thin of a research project and make sure that I had a great learning experience. I was beyond delighted on having her as my mentor and I am most definitely sure you will too.

      - Tsolmon - March 15, 2022