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    Travel For Teens: Summer Programs Abroad

    Travel For Teens: Summer Programs Abroad


    • Listing Type: Summer Programs
    • Program Delivery: Residential
    • Destination: Australia, Belgium, Cambodia, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Fiji, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Laos, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam, Tanzania, Wales, Scotland, Austria, Denmark, South Korea, Slovenia, Galapagos Islands, Croatia, Hawaii
    • Provided By: Independent Provider
    • Session Start: June, July, August
    • Session Length: One Week, Two Weeks, Four Weeks, Three Weeks
    • Entering Grade: 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, PG, College
    • Gender: Coed
    • Category: Travel/Cultural Immersion
    • Selective: No
    • Ages: 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19+, 19
    • Accreditation: American Camp Association
    • Career Clusters: Human Services
    • Credit Awarded: No
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    Travel For Teens believes that summer travel should be both fun and enriching. We offer cultural exploration, community service, language, and photography as well as Younger Teens and Older Teens programs to Europe, Africa, Latin America, Oceania, Asia, and North America for students entering 7th grade through college. Find out more!

    Travel the world with TFT this summer and discover what it means to be a traveler and not a tourist!

    Balance and Flexibility We balance fun with learning. From years of working with teenagers and young adults, we've learned what's engaging and interesting, and what isn't. We create travel and study abroad itineraries for the summer that are fun and exciting, as well as well as culturally educational. We see hordes of teens walking around Europe with blank disinterested faces all too often, so to stray away from boring teen travel we provide our participants with choices each day rather than a rigid itinerary. Enjoy art? Check out the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid. More of a soccer fan than an art buff? Tour the Real Madrid Futbol Stadium instead!

    As Seasoned travelers we recognize that unplanned activities are often the most memorable, which is why we are always flexible when there is a local festival or special art exhibit the group is interested in season. For example, this summer during the World Cup we made sure all of our teens in Germany at the time were able to get in on the action and be a part of the once in a lifetime experience.

    Our Staff Regardless of the travel trip you choose, if your leaders aren't fun, the trip won't be fun. Travel for Teens employs responsible, knowledgeable, well traveled, fun loving staff. Our trip leaders and counselors work to ensure that all students are both having the time of their lives AND learning (without even realizing it!).

    Education All Travel for Teens summer programs are designed to be as educational as they are fun. In fact, many TFT trip leaders and counselors are former or current educators. While some of TFT's programs are focused on a particular activity (photography, language study, community service, etc.), cultural exploration programs (which do not include classes or volunteer work) are no exception when it comes to learning. TFT's goal is for every student to absorb cultural nuances, culinary treats, and interesting historical facts on every trip. On foreign language programs, we find engaging ways to enhance classroom learning with scavenger hunts, trips to the market, or challenges that require participants to interact with locals. On our photography programs, teens are exposed to professional photographers who teach both technical and conceptual lessons for how and when to capture the perfect shot. Perhaps the most valuable life lessons come from helping others. On our community service programs, students are able to make an impact on a variety of projects in different countries. High school students give back to our host communities, fostering a sense of global interconnectedness and responsibility.

    Travel For Teens offers summer programs to fit a variety of needs and interests. Programs are available to middle school and high school students finishing grades 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 during the months of June, July, and August. Programs last between 10 and 22 days, and all of  them are designed to be connected, so you can easily choose to participate in back-to-back trips!

    *Safety is our number one priority at Travel For Teens. We employ highly trained and rigorously vetted counselors and trip leaders, carefully inspect all new locations' hotels and excursions, and remain up to date on any changing political situations that may affect safety standards. That's just the beginning!

    Reviews (77)

    • I went on a trip...
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Oct/21/2023 by margot-c-white

      I went on a trip with Travel for Teens this summer as a 16-year-old girl and I loved every second of it. This was my first experience traveling alone and even flying alone. This was the best possible first solo travel experience I could have had. Travel for teens was perfect throughout the whole process. I chose to do a service trip in the Florida Keys working with marine conservation. I felt so fulfilled after the trip proud of myself for being able to travel alone, and I was also happy with the work I did. The people I met while on this trip were all incredible and I stay in contact with every one of them. The staff was incredible, understanding, knowledgeable, and helpful. I cannot recommend Travel for Teens enough. The experience is wonderful for teens in building independence and strengthening confidence in themselves and their abilities. I will always recommend Travel for Teens to everyone I know. I will never be able to thank them enough for the experience they provided me with.

    • It was an AMAZING experience...
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Mar/09/2023 by Sophie Bloom

      It was an AMAZING experience. I have made memories that will last a lifetime and friends I speak to daily. It was amazing to see 1st hand how all the community service you were doing genuinely meant to the community. This past summer, I taught English to children in Thailand and Bali- it was indescribable watching the children light up when my group would come to teach them. Leaving them was the most challenging part of all. I have been on 3 TFT service trips and hope to go on many more. My friends at home can testify how much I recommend them to travel with TFT. It was a fantastic experience that I think everyone should do at least once.

    • I took part in the...
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Jan/03/2023 by Hailey Opper

      I took part in the Portugal, Spain, and Morocco Europe for Older Teens program. This trip was without a doubt one of the highlights of my life. The itinerary includes a good mix of activities, including sight-seeing, shopping, beach relaxation, dining, and more. The counselors are fantastic! They are terrific company and add to the enjoyment of the journey. They care deeply about everyone on the trip and are very friendly and relatable. Every city was unique, and the tour did an excellent job of allowing us to explore all each one has to offer in a short amount of time. The cuisine is fantastic, and I enjoyed trying dishes that were particular to each place. I loved that we were also given our own time to explore too, with the staff nearby easy to contact if we needed them. I created lifelong memories and wonderful friends with whom I still keep in touch with.

    • Traveling with TFT into Europe...
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Nov/15/2022 by Daniel McNally

      Traveling with TFT into Europe for 30 days was an incredible experience that I am so glad that I went on. Not only was it fun and cool by seeing all the different places around Europe such as the Romanian Colosseum or the Eiffel Tower, the most memorable experience was making so many new friends. During my 30 days in Europe I have made such close bonds with the people that I have traveled with that they will last a lifetime. Not only was it exciting traveling with the other campers, it was also fun meeting the consolers as they were all friendly and supportive. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone as this will be one of your most memorable things in your life.

    • From the first moment when...
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Nov/14/2022 by Yousef Hafez

      From the first moment when I arrived at the airport to the final goodbyes everything was beyond amazing. I could not be more grateful for the incredible group of people that made this experience possible, especially the counselors that made sure we were always having fun and made sure that if there was a problem, they adapted quickly and found the perfect solution. I have gained memories that will last me a lifetime, relationships and bonds that will never be broken. In addition to that I got to enjoy all of Peru's special areas and really dive into its culture from the small village of Misminay in the mountains to the infamous Machu Picchu. For me the best part was spending a few nights in Misminay to really embrace myself into the culture and the daily lives of the native people. To have been able to experience all of this with complete strangers and meet new people made it all the more special. By the end of the trip it was like we had known each other our whole lives due to the fun and numerous memories we created in that short but magical period of time. Not a minute went by when I wasn't enjoying myself, including the hard work put in during the community service, because I knew how important it was and how large of an impact it made to the people we helped. Another thing that made it worthwhile was that I got to experience it as myself rather than it being somebody else's experiences. TFT helped and guided me towards picking the correct trip that suited my character and goals, and they could not have picked a better life changing journey. It doesn't matter if you have traveled on your own before or if your trip with TFT is your first because each trip is an experience that is unique to anything else. I wholeheartedly recommend you contact TFT immediately and get ready to embark on a life changing experience!

    • I did both the Pacific...
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Nov/14/2022 by Alex Schneyer

      I did both the Pacific Northwest and California Summer trip and I loved them! The itinerary presented so many activities in so many places, most of which concentrated in city life, but some hiking and nature activities were mixed in. One of my favorite things about how Travel for Teens operates their trips is that there is built in free time, where you can do whatever you want to do for that few hour period. My group went to watch a red carpet premiere in Santa Monica for one of these times. The staff are also incredible! 10/10 would recommend Travel for Teens!

    • During summer I had the...
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Nov/14/2022 by Jack Sarty

      During summer 2022, I had the life-changing opportunity to embark on a 13-day-long trip with TFT! I visited France, Switzerland

    • Travel for Teens gave me...
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Nov/13/2022 by Payton Thompson

      Travel for Teens gave me experiences that will last me a lifetime and new friendships. This past summer, I visited Hawaii's Big Island with TFT, and I genuinely feel like my life has changed for the better. Whether surfing at Kahalu'u Beach Park, experiencing a native luau, watching the sunset from 14,000 feet altitude at Mauna Kea, or even hanging out by the pool with my friends, I enjoyed every moment of it. We got to partake in a perfect blend of service in the community, learning about the natives and the fantastic island they live on, and thrilling expeieriences. Everyone on my trip, including the counselors, came from different backgrounds and areas of the world, giving many perspectives on the activities we did each day. My fantastic trip leader Maria helped all of us become comfortable with each other so that none of us had to experience any anxiety that we worried about being so far from home. By the end of the trip, I had many new friends. I talked to them regularly and learned so much about the Big Island that I was not ready to leave. Honestly, this was the most amazing trip I have ever been on, and I am so excited to go on another one this upcoming summer.

    • I went on the Belize...
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Nov/12/2022 by Layla Nazif

      I went on the Belize Ultimate Scuba

    • To begin with I would...
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Nov/11/2022 by Ilan Pritzker

      To begin with, I would like to express my gratitude to the Travel for Teens program for providing me with this incredible opportunity. Costa Rica was an amazing adventure where I met many new friends and made many wonderful memories. My favorite activities during the trip were rafting, surfing, and taking advantage of the fantastic beaches. In addition, the Coulsners did an outstanding job managing our group and ensuring that everyone felt welcomed and included. I am looking forward to going on yet another Travel for Teens adventure this summer in order to create more memories that will last a lifetime and connect with people from all over the world. Thank you!

    • I was lucky enough to...
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Nov/11/2022 by Kevin Tracey

      I was lucky enough to be a part of the Iceland Travel Photography Workshop in the summer of 2022. This trip was an absolutely amazing experience for me. This trip became more than the breathtaking experiences of Iceland because while it is a beautiful country, I was able to take away so much more than that. I was able to meet so may new people and create friendships that are truly unique and that will last a lifetime. The counselors were both really fun people to be around, and I was able to learn so much from them and their experiences. Since it was a photography workshop, I was able to expand my artistic portfolio, which is and will continue to be a great advantage to me. Overall, I took only positives from the trip, it was truly a once in a lifetime experience and I cannot express how thankful I am to have participated in it.

    • My name is Kenzie and...
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Nov/10/2022 by Kenzie Romaniuk

      My name is Kenzie and I went on the Iceland Photography Trip in 2022. It's safe to say that it was one of the best experiences of my life. The big thing that impacted my trip was the two adults Simon and Tilda because they taught me so many things about photography and their humor and jokes and way of running the trip made it so special. I also met some lifelong friends on the trip. I am not a very extroverted person but by day 3 of the trip, we were all like a family. We shared so many amazing experiences and some tough ones on the trip that really bonded us. The itinerary for the trip was phenomenal. There was not a day that I didn't enjoy or that I was bored. We went to so many spectacular places that immersed us in Icelandic culture and made us appreciate the beauty of our Earth. Overall the Icelandic Photography Trip changed my life for the better and I met some of the most amazing people and saw the most breathtaking places!

    • It is reasonable to say...
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Nov/09/2022 by Adam Lempert

      It is reasonable to say that the trip I took with TFT to Belgium, Amsterdam, and Paris great experience In addition to introducing me to the foreign cultures of nations I had never been to before, this trip helped me socially in ways I had never imagined. The counselors I had were all incredibly considerate and genuinely cared about every single person on the trip. The sights were breathtaking, and the entire time I had the impression that I was traveling with friends. The remarkable thing about the vacation was how quickly the counselors became your friends.

    • Over the summer I was...
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Nov/08/2022 by Maia Abrahams

      Over the summer, I was fortunate enough to travel with TFT on the "Costa Rica Spanish Language Immersion" trip. In 22 days, I was able to make amazing friends that I am still in touch with, go on incredible adventures (repelling down a waterfall, watching the sunrise from the beach, riding a catamaran, going snorkeling, surfing, and more), make amazing memories, take spanish lessons that taught me so much more about the language than anything I've covered in school, participate in fun community service that I enjoyed doing, and so much more. I was not only able to learn more about myself, but also about other cultures. Adding on to that, the staff were so kind and fun. I genuinely had the most amazing time and can't wait to go on another TFT trip. I will never stop rewatching videos, looking at pictures, and missing the whole experience. Thank you for everything!

    • The memories that I made...
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Nov/08/2022 by Madison Woode-Small

      The memories that I made with TFT this summer, I carry extremely close to my heart. I was able to leave my small town in NJ all alone all the way to Fiji! Although I was scared at first, I am so lucky I was able to have the experience that I did. We swam with manta rays, had relaxing beach days, zip lined, swam in caves, and were always on the move island hopping! I TFT created such a family sense the second I got to the airport which made it so hard to fly back home. Later on in the summer, I was able to go to Barcelona and Paris with TFT! Once again, I was able to immerse myself in new cultures and create lifelong friends! We shopped till we dropped, went to amazing historical and classic buildings and was able to mark new places off my bucket list! I cannot recommend them more!

    • This trip is one for...
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Nov/08/2022 by Adriana Giancotti

      This trip is one for the books! I am so grateful that I was able to experience this trip first hand. I was looking for something to do in the summer, and I came upon Travel for Teens and I am so happy that I did. I picked the Costa Rica Sea Turtle Service and Adventure because I knew that I would be working with animals and getting to know more about turtles. Being able to work with the ASVO Sea Turtle Center was heart-warming and mind-opening. I learned a lot about different types of turtles and what they experience in the world. I am thankful that I was able to experience a different perspective from the locals while being in Costa Rica. The weather was beautiful and it made the trip even more enjoyable. The staff were wonderful, supportive and cared for all the travellers. Thank you to Travel For Teens for making this trip possible!

    • If I could time travel...
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Nov/06/2022 by Bridget Dallos

      If I could time travel my Teen for Travel trip would be the first thing I go back to. This extraordinary trip provided me with so many amazing experiences and memories that I will forever cherish. From the planned activities to the free time we had with friends to discover new cities by ourselves, the experience was a 10/10. I communicate everyday with other students that were on my trip who went from strangers across the country to lifelong friends. The counselors were beyond caring, always putting the group and our needs and wants first. The trip was well planned, the counselors were on top of our safely and got us to whatever destination we needed to be on time. If there was a word to describe the consistent theme of this trip it would be nothing more than fun, fun, and fun!! I cannot wait for next summer to join Teen for Travel again.

    • I was lucky enough to...
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Nov/06/2022 by Olivia O'Leary

      I was lucky enough to spend a second summer in a row on a Travel for Teen Trip. It was hard to imagine that summer of 2022 could be as great as the first trip that I took in the summer f 2022. But it ended up being even better! I spent three weeks in Costa Rica, a beautiful country where I traveled; took part in many adventures, and had the great opportunity to engage in several community service projects. All the while, I made a great group of new friends with whom I remain in touch with. There are so many amazing things i could highlight from both the tours that i have completed with Travel for Teens. Some of the best parts include the extraordinary places that I visited; the wonderful communities and people that I learned from; a great group of new friends from all over the world that I gained; and community service that was totally enriching.

    • My trip with Travel For...
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Nov/06/2022 by Elizabeth Merchant

      My trip with Travel For Teens was one of the most positive and engaging experiences of my life! I visited Florida with them, and it was such an effective and great way to see Florida and all that it has to offer. I felt that I was fully immersed and exposed to everywhere we went, thanks to my lovely trip directors who were so much fun. I met so many new people from so many different places, and it is hard to explain how much fun I had with them and the experiences we had along the way. My passion for travel shined and grew from this trip and program. The places we went to and the new people and friends that I made, made the trip what it was - such an amazing experience. I gained and learned so much from this trip and cannot wait until next summer to visit somewhere new!

    • This was truly the most...
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Nov/05/2022 by Maya Lalani

      This was truly the most amazing experience! I was able to connect with new people my age across the country and had the opportunity to be truly immersed with European culture. There was a perfect balance between exploring the historical significance of the countries I visited and participating in once in a lifetime thrills such as paragliding. I met awesome friends that I am still in contact with and I am looking forward to more summers with TFT!

    • This past summer I had...
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Nov/04/2022 by Sophia Abrahams

      This past summer I had the opportunity to travel on the "Costa Rica Spanish Language and Immersion (22 Days)" trip with TFT. This experience was the most eye opening and life changing adventure I have ever been on. From the Spanish lessons to the volunteer work to relaxing on the beach, I have never been so overwhelmed with joy. This trip allowed me to see the world through a different and more exciting lens. In addition to the amazing culture we explored, I was able to become friends with other travellers that I am still in contact with months later. I constantly find myself scrolling back in my camera roll and going through pictures from the trip and they never fail to make me smile and reminisce. It is impossible to put into words how eternally grateful I am for Costa Rica and the memories I will carry with me forever, all thanks to TFT.

    • Traveling to Hawaii Ultimate Service...
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Nov/04/2022 by Lila Greenstein

      Traveling to Hawaii Ultimate Service and Adventure has been one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Like many others, I was nervous because I didn't know anyone or if anyone would like me for who I truly am. Once I arrived and met the rest of the group that fear was immediately gone. I formed some of the closest friendships I have ever had. The counselors were unbelievable. Whatever you needed they would accommodate you. They would listen to all your ideas and all your thoughts. The activities and service that we did were unbelievable. I was able to help out the Sea turtles in Hawaii. The sea turtles were injured and I was able to help them heal so they could get back out to sea. I had the best experiences going snorkeling, relaxing at the beach, shopping, surfing lessons and so much more. 15 days have never gone by so fast. Although the group is no longer in Hawaii, friendships and memories remain.

    • My experience with Travel for...
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Nov/04/2022 by Ruby Foster

      My experience with Travel for Teens in Thailand was unlike anything I've ever done. It felt like I was actually experiencing the country and not just visiting it. Not only do I now get to look back on the unique experiences I was able to participate in, such as working with elephants, but I also made strong and close connections within my group. Through my experiences with Travel for Teens, I have made friends around the world. The other campers, amazing counselors, and the exploration of the country itself all contributed equally to the memorability of my trip. I cannot wait for my TFT trip next year to meet new people and discover new locations and cultures!

    • Life changing trip
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Jan/31/2022 by vladapitner

      Traveling to Thailand with Travel for Teens was an experience I will never forget. The sites were incredible and every single day was filled with adventure and fun. The food is incredible as it was authentic and we even got to attend cooking classes. We cooked traditional food that was delicious. The group I was with was filled with like-minded individuals striving to see the world and truly experience what real traveling is like. We shared beautiful experiences with excursions like rafting down the Pai River and scuba diving Thai coral reefs. A highlight was also working at an elephant sanctuary! The counselors made everyone feel safe while being friendly and fun the entire trip. I highly recommend any TFT trip to any teenager eager to seek out adventure. If you want to travel the world Travel For Teens is the way to go.

    • Italy Photography Trip
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Jan/04/2022 by Cehlenberger

      My whole life I have wanted to travel the world and experience new things. Once I found Travel for Teens I was so excited to try it out! My first trip was the Italy photography workshop and it changed my life in a great way. At first I was super nervous because I was going to a foreign country with strangers, but I quickly connected with them on our 9 hour group flight. I had the best time with my new friends doing the planned activities as well as the new photography challenges we had each day. The trip really brought out my love for photography and travel. I have traveled with TFT every summer since!

    • Two weeks of paradise in Hawaii
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Dec/13/2021 by Tara.02

      My trip to Hawaii was the best thing I have ever done. The people I met through the program and the people I met through out the trip were amazing. The hotels we stayed in were very nice and safe. The best part of this trip was being able to participate in touristy things, but also being able to get involved in community service. Learning about native Hawaiian traditions was the most fascinating thing because it was something completely new. All the different places we got to see made the trip even more unforgettable. I definitely recommend this trip for anyone who wants to expand their comfort zone and wants to start traveling early. Travel for Teens is the best to get involved in new places and cultures.

    • An experience that shaped me forever!
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Nov/11/2021 by kayleeharrison

      I attended the Greece and Athens trip last July. I had my doubts, I was nervous because of my young age (14 at the time) and still being in the pandemic is never a guarantee especially with travel. But I was pleasantly surprised with how well TFT had planned this trip. I was met by one of my counselors at the airport and was helped navigate the airport all the way to Athens airport and through customs. We then met the rest of our group and counselors. I was nervous I wouldn't make too many friends as I went by myself and wasn't sure if people already knew each other and if some were going together but throughout the trip I met lifelong friends that to this day I still talk to, and plan to travel again together next summer and so on. My counselors were outstanding and cared for each one of us. They really added a fun element to the trip as they made sure we were safe and stayed out of trouble but as we gained their trust got to have more privileges such as staying out later, going off on your own with friends, and my personal favorite... going to the city every night just for gelato and pastries! We stayed in beautiful hotels that overlooked the most incredible views to wherever we stayed. We ate in upscale restaurants for dinner, and had filling breakfasts in the morning. Lunches we got to find on our own, but sometimes our whole group would eat together, and our counselors always helped us. We got to feel like tourists and locals as one of our counselors was actually from Greece! We took delicious Greek cooking lessons, had a relaxing but at times rowdy boat day traveling to islands, and so many fun shopping experiences in each city. This trip allowed me to be independent, responsible, and helped shape who I am today. TFT is an amazing travel group and I will forever be thanking them for my outstanding trip I am so grateful to have experienced. Thank you TFT!

    • The best trip ever!
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Nov/11/2021 by emmajackson22

      Going on this trip changed the entire theme of my life. The people I met, the stories I heard, the faces I saw, all changed my life for the better. This has taken me away from the reality I lived in and changed it into a new reality in which I know I now need to keep international travel in my life. The food was amazing and the geography even better. The people who led the trip were absolutely amazing and I couldn't have asked for better. TFT is one of a kind and I am ever-thankful.

    • The perfect trip!
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Jan/14/2020 by Sadie B

      This was my second TFT trip and I am so glad to have went on it! It was a great combination of the service, traveling the country, and relaxing. The organization that the service was through was a honest group of people and I felt that the work we did was genuinely beneficial. I found that the trip leaders and campers created a welcoming and inclusive environment even though the campers were from varying backgrounds and with a variety of ages. I always felt safe and appreciated having time to explore certain areas with my friends on the trip. When things out of our control went astray (like weather and transportation), the energy of the group was good and the trip leaders sought to make the best of our situations! My parents and I also greatly appreciated getting sent the photos taken by the trip leaders!

    • Costa Rica Adrenaline Trip!
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Dec/09/2019 by Natalie W

      I went on the Costa Rica Adrenaline Trip this past summer and it was incredible! I was amazed by all the beautiful scenery there was on the hikes we did, as well as the wildlife! I was very nervous about this trip, but I soon forgot about the nerves when I met my fellow travellers. I met so many new, friendly people on this trip, and the staff were so kind and helpful with whatever you needed. There was a ton of activities that we did while on this trip, some of them include: tubing, surfing, snorkeling, ziplining, canyoning, and hiking! I really enjoyed surfing and I also loved climbing and rappelling off waterfalls!! I would totally recommend this trip to any traveller who loves adventure! I am a quiet person when meeting new people, but after going on this trip, it has made me go out of my comfort zone and experience everything in the moment with no regrets. I will remember all the memories and friendships I made on this trip for the rest of my life!

    • Two unforgettable weeks
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Dec/07/2019 by Kendall Dugan

      When I decided I wanted to travel last summer, I looked at quite a few websites before I finally found TFT. I knew immediately that they were the company I wanted to spend my summer with because they had such a variety of intriguing options. The trip that really piqued my interest was the Europe for Older Teens: Prague, Austria, Slovenia & Croatia, and my experience with TFT ended up being two of the best weeks of my life! The activities were a perfect mix of history, culture, and free time to get to know all of the amazing people this tour allowed me to meet. Whether it was the locals, counselors, or other campers, I so enjoyed spending time with and interacting with them all! From wandering around the magical streets of Prague, gorging on pastries (and just food in general) in Vienna, indulging in the splendor of nature in Bled, and having my breath taken away by the charm of the Adriatic, every day was a treat. My summer with Travel for Teens was unforgettable, and I look forward to seeing even more of the world with them in the future!

    • Best summer ever!
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Dec/06/2019 by Allie A.

      Traveling with TFT was a life-changing experience for me. I was a very shy person and not very outgoing before I went on my trip to Europe. I was very nervous that I wouldn't fit in and the next month was going to be hard. In the end, it was the exact opposite. I made so many friends that I was sad to leave. The counselors made it easy to communicate with everyone so we were all really great friends. I would recommend TFT to anyone who is looking to step out of their comfort zone and travel. The activities we did were amazing. Although there was a tight schedule to make sure we got the most out of our trip, there was always free time at night where we could just wander and explore. Overall it was a life-changing experience that I will never forget!

    • Iceland, Poland, Austria, Czeck Republic, and Hungary 2019
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Nov/24/2019 by Taylor Wiehoff

      I am so glad I chose to sign up for two trips with TFT the summer of 2019! At first, I was nervous about traveling without my parents to a country I had never been to before, but this trip showed me my passion for traveling. My favorite thing about TFT is all the amazing people I met. I went on my trips not knowing anyone but everyone was so excited to meet new people so we quickly became a little family. I loved my counselors, they were so fun and amazing role models. They always made me feel safe and I knew I could talk to them if there was ever any problem. If you want to travel TFT is an amazing program and I definitely recommend you take the opportunity.

    • Travel for teens Japan trip
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Nov/21/2019 by Gina

      I had so much fun on the TFT japan trip. Not only did I enjoyed the food and beautiful views, I also learned about Japanese culture. It was an amazing experience, and I'm so glad I chose to travel with TFT. I loved the local food and my favorite the part was taking pictures in yukata! Other than the yukata, I also learned how to make sushi. We experienced karaoke night which was so fun! Tokyo Disney sea was an unforgettable adventure for me because there's no other Disney park like this. I loved the day we visited a Japanese high school, that was amazing! We got to talk to local Japanese high school students. They were super nice, friendly and welcoming. I enjoyed every moment in japan, but my favorite place was Harajuku, the fashion styles you find there are just absolutely so unique and amazing!

    • Costa Rica animal service and adventure!
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Nov/20/2019 by ella

      What an amazing experience! This trip was truly 3-weeks that changed my life and perspective forever. Spending this time in Costa Rica will be the best choice you will ever make, I know it's the best choice that I made. Expect to join a group of teens that are also interested in exploring the world and helping out animals. I still stay in touch with these friends 2 years later, and even have made trips across the country to New York City to visit my Costa Rica pals! The best part of the whole trip to me was the animals and working at the rescue center. Learn the proper care for these exotic animals and work with other volunteers from all over the world who share the same interests as you. Some of the amazing experiences I had were babysitting the baby sloths, taking a baby anteater into the forest, or feeding the young monkeys. Outside of working at the rescue center I tried so many things that were out of my comfort zone, a night hike in the jungle, salsa dancing in front of a whole restaurant, and ziplining through the jungle. I recommend this trip to anyone who is interested in immersing themselves into a new culture, and not afraid to get dirty and work hard to help this animal sanctuary.

    • Great Experience with Travel for Teens
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Nov/20/2019 by Alex I

      I've been traveling with TFT since I was 13, and it has been one of the best learning and growth experiences in my life. Through TFT, I've met great friends from all around the world, experienced amazing places, and was pushed out of my comfort zone and grew so much. It even helped me pick my career. In the summer of my 11th year of high school, I went on the Japan Discovery & Service trip. I had recently picked up an interest in digital photography and it just so happened that the Trip director for my trip was a professional Travel Photographer. After traveling with him for only 2 weeks and seeing my photographic growth, I started taking courses in photography at my school and have ended up going to college for Fine Art Photography. Without the experiences TFT allowed me to have, I never would have found one of my biggest passions. The people I've met on the trips are good friends of mine to this day, and the experiences I had with them on the trips I've been on were unforgettable. Karaoke in South Korea with a crew of wacky friends, doing a two hour hike up one of the steepest mountains I've ever seen to take one picture, and other once in a life time experiences like that have made the TFT experience so special to me.

    • Unforgettable Experience
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Nov/17/2019 by Sofia S

      This past summer I traveled to Thailand on TFT's Thailand Elephant Service and the Islands program. This trip was by far my favorite trip that I've been on with TFT. The combination of working with elephants, the breadth of activities, as well as the great counselors and campers made it by far one of the most memorable two weeks of my life. One of the highlights of the trip was the service we did with elephants. We volunteered with elephants at sanctuaries learning about proper elephant care, we got to bathe them, prepare food and feed them, cleaned their enclosures, and went on a walk with them. This trip as a whole pushed me out of my comfort zone, it helped me become much more comfortable with trying new things. Each day was filled with new activities which enabled us to experience and learn about the Thai culture. The activities included exploring traditional Thai markets, cooking classes, exploring Thai temples, and much more. Our counselors were amazing, they were always understanding, were easy to come to with any issues, and were just really fun to travel and hang out with. Not only were the counselors great but I met some of the best people on this trip. I'm certain that I will be friends with a few of them for the rest of my life. I'm so grateful to have been able to go on this trip and I wouldn't trade this trip for the world.

    • Best Graduation Trip EVER!!
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Nov/14/2019 by SierraW

      My experience traveling with TFT was nothing but extraordinary. In the summer of 2017 I set off, by myself for the first time, to travel abroad in Europe. Not only did Travel for Teens place me in a group with amazing people that I grew to be very close with, but I was guided through this trip with knowledgeable group leaders who cared about giving us the best experience possible. Through TFT I was able to visit the countries of Italy, Switzerland, and Paris. Each day was jam packed full of different activities including museums, hiking, eating delicious local cuisine, and creating new relationships with my group. My leaders, Taylor and Holden, knew facts regarding each area we ventured to, which made the trip so much more interesting and thoughtful. My favorite part about this trip, and the TFT company as a whole, was that travel, accommodation, and each experience was local and unique. We never loaded onto a tour bus, did not wait in long lines, stand in big crowds, or follow someone with a giant sign to each destination. Travel for Teens was personal, giving chief importance to an authentic experience abroad. I felt so secure with my team throughout the whole trip, with each activity being very well researched and planned, so there was never any confusion or worry. It was through this safe environment I was able to experience the true beauty of travel, which has inspired me to go out of my comfort zone, not to be timid, but to run towards any new opportunity in my life with an open mind!

    • Trip of a lifetime
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Nov/13/2019 by Claire Knecht

      Thailand 2019
      - My trip to Thailand was one that I could have never imagined, from the days with elephants to meeting the most amazing people it was definitely a trip of a life time. This was the first trip I had ever gone out of the country by myself with people I had never met, and to be honest I was very nervous but when meeting the counselors they made us feel right at home and the campers soon after a couple nights of never have I ever's/games established bonds that we knew could never be broken. Everyday we took on a new adventure, I remember when I first heard that we were going to be "hanging" out with elephants I thought it was going to be from a far little did I know we would be getting up close and personal feeding them, bathing them, and cleaning up after them. It was astounding how gentle the elephants were and how much they were just like big puppies with how they wanted to play with you. Saying goodbye to the elephants was definitely hard and sad but I know that someday I will go back and see them again. After we finished our community service hours with elephants we then went on a very windy 3 hour drive to Pai where we the most amazing massages. Over the trip two other campers and I got 3 massages and only ended up paying $11. Then we went on a 2 day trip to the jungle which was honestly one of the hardest things physically on this trip, the white rafting was long but the campers and the view make it all worth it. After returning to the hotels the first thing we all did was shower and let me tell you it was the best feeling. Now I was not able to stay for extra 7 days and explore the islands so at the final dinner it was very sad to say goodbye to everyone because even though I had only known them for 10 days we all felt like we had known each other for much longer. The kids I met are already planning on having a "reunion". These trips not only open up your mind to new places and cultures but also to new people.

    • Such a great summer
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Nov/12/2019 by Benna Cooper

      in summer 2018, I attended a TFT trip which was a community service trip to Thailand. It was one of the most life changing trips I've ever been on. I met amazing people that I shared great memories with, and I also met many amazing natives of Thailand. I got learn so much about their culture that I've never seen before. The best part was for 3 days straight we built a little dormitory for this orphanage and it was super rewarding to help others that way. The children we're so grateful and it really taught me how blessed I am. Each day had different activities and there was no boring times. I became super close and comfortable because I had amazing trip leaders who inspired me to be better everyday. It was the best 17 days of my life. I wasn't looking forward to the trip and it turned into the best summer ever. I highly recommend TFT!

    • Florence, France and Fondue - A Trip to Savor
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Nov/12/2019 by Gwen

      My experience going on an adventure with Travel For Teens was incredible and unforgettable. Last summer, I went on the two week trip to Florence, Cinque Terre, Switzerland and Paris with Older Teens. My trip had a rough start, since I did not go on the group flight, and my flight missed a connection in Portugal. I was scared that I would be missing out on activities and that it would be difficult to make friends if I joined the trip after it started. It was such a relief when I finally arrived in Florence and was greeted by my counselor Mike at the airport. He made me feel comfortable right away. It turned out that multiple people on my trip had problems with flights and TFT was able to keep track of everyone and collect them one by one from the airport. Once I got over the sleep deprivation from the long overnight flight, all of my worries went away and I had the best time travelling around Europe with people from all over the country, none of whom I had met before yet all of whom I became friends with. From Italy to Switzerland to France, we saw all of the famous sites and tried all of the amazing food. Just a few of the memorable experiences included learning how to make delicious homemade pesto in Cinque Terre, sampling fondue in Interlaken, paragliding through the Alps, and climbing up the Eiffel Tower in Paris. I must have taken over two thousand pictures over the span of the trip, and I look at them all the time to keep the memories of the trip intact and to put a smile on my face. I had the best summer of my life, and I couldn't have done it without TFT.

    • My time in Iceland with Travel for Teens was the highlight of my summer
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Nov/12/2019 by Erin

      My time in Iceland with Travel for Teens was the highlight of my summer. The counselors were great from start to end. They were approachable and passionate about travelling and were determined to make our trip a blast. Our groups' driver was so kind and went out of his way to teach us about Icelandic culture as we traveled around the beautiful ring road. Along the road, we saw so many beautiful landscapes and experienced one in a lifetime opportunities like snorkeling between two tectonic plates and climbing the Vatnaj"okull glacier. All of the accommodations were very pleasant even in the more remote areas in northern Iceland. All the students on the trip were kind and made the trip the so enjoyable. I made lifelong friends with the students who I still keep in touch with today. My time in Iceland has changed how I travel.

    • The Trip of a Lifetime
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Nov/12/2019 by steph

      Over the summer I went on the TFT China: Mandarin Language Immersion Program. This was my first time going on a TFT trip and I can say that it was such an amazing experience. This trip challenged me to go out of my comfort zones. I met so many people and made so many unforgettable memories. The counselors were so much fun and understanding. They did their best to make sure everyone found something to enjoy from all of the different attractions. Each day was filled with activities that allowed us to learn about the Chinese culture and lifestyle. On this trip I was able to do things I never thought I would be able to do. One of the best parts of this trip was volunteering at the Panda Center. We cleaned out the panda cages, broke large sticks of bamboo, and even got to feed the pandas. Every day our local tour guide took us to local restaurants that serve the city's specialty dishes. The food was so delicious. Though this trip was 17 days, it felt like the fastest 17 days of my life. I made friends from all over the US and we all became very close. Choosing to go on this TFT trips was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

    • Best Summer of My Life!
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Nov/11/2019 by Carolyn N

      The Travel for Teens trips that I have been a part of have completely changed my life. I have been to nine European countries because of TFT, and I would not trade my experiences I had for the world. From taking an immersive bike tour through Prague, to white water rafting in Slovenia, to relaxing on a white sand beach in Croatia, to riding in the London Eye, to being awestruck by the beautiful architecture of Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, I had the time of my life. The Travel for Teens counselors on the trip were remarkable and encouraged me to try new things, whether that be eating escargot or canyoning. I gained so many new friends from my TFT trips, and the memories I've made will last a lifetime. You will not regret taking a trip with Travel for Teens!

    • An Unforgettable Summer!
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Nov/11/2019 by Josh K

      Travel for Teens had provided a summer of a lifetime over the past two years. This past summer, I went to Budapest, Krakow, Vienna, and Prague and it was unforgettable. We had amazing counselors and kids from across the United States, and everyone became friends instantly. Our itinerary was perfect, with there being a great balance of fun activities like tours, bike rides, and boats throughout the places we visited coupled with time to relax, eat, and walk around to explore. We spent a perfect amount of time in each city and got to drive in the European countryside multiple times, seeing some small towns and great views. The places we stayed were clean, and the restaurants we ate at were delicious. Everything about the trip was unforgettable and I'm already excited to take another trip next year. Thank you TFT!

      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Nov/11/2019

      The summer before heading off to college for the first time, I was so blessed to have been able to go on the Travel for Teens Europe for Older Teens: Florence, Cinque Terre, Switzerland and Paris trip as it completely changed my life. I went into the trip extremely nervous and anxious about being on my own and meeting new people and came out of it with the most confidence I had ever had in my life. With the itinerary planned for this trip, there were so many opportunities for me to push myself out of my comfort zone and face my fears whether it was paragliding over the Swiss Alps, trying new foods (the snails I had in Paris were surprisingly delicious!!), or embarking on an optional 10 mile hike through the cities of Cinque Terre. In the two short weeks we spent traveling with each other, everyone on the trip became a family, some of them becoming some of my best friends that I still talk to every day despite the thousands of miles separating us. I would recommend any Travel for Teens trip to anyone interested as I wholeheartedly believe it changes the lives of everyone who goes on them!!

    • Life Changing!
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Nov/10/2019 by Julia Burke

      Signing up for a Travel For Teens trip was the best decision I've ever made. I was a bit nervous at first about traveling by myself, and I was worried I wouldn't make any friends. Little did I know that in just a two week time period I'd have a whole new point of view on travel, and friends that will last a lifetime. There was never once a second where I felt homesick because every day was filled with life changing experiences like working hands-on with sea turtles, ziplining, surfing, and exploring the beautiful country of Costa Rica. Our counselors were some of the sweetest, and funniest people I've ever met, and were super helpful in guiding us on how to be proper travelers, rather than tourists. I swear time moves quicker in Costa Rica, because those amazing two weeks were over too soon. Our group may have looked incredibly weird to the patrons in Miami Airport terminal 24 who probably do not see very many groups of 12 teenagers huddled in a crying group hug. We eventually all managed to stop crying and go our separate ways, meanwhile planning our TFT trips for the next summer. Overall I returned more confident and open than I was before going on the trip, and am counting down the days till my next trip.

    • Sicily Community Service: One of the best trips of my life
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Nov/10/2019 by Tommy Callahan

      "Travelling to Sicily was an unforgettable experience. From boating on the Mediterranean sea to eating a pizza dinner in Syracuse, and from visiting ancient ruins in Taormina to dedicated community service, this journey was a high point in my life. Not only did I create close friendships during my journey, but I got to have delicious food (like pistachio cannolis and gelato) and experience unmatched natural beauty. I will always remember boating off the coast of Agrigento, and the first time I dived into the brilliant blue waters of the Mediterranean. My hike up Mount Etna was a surreal experience and, coming from a hiker, one of the best hikes I've ever been on. In addition to natural beauty, I was completely immersed in the culture as well. I attended a baptism of one of our host family's daughters, and a fun reception afterward with views of Mount Etna and a lunar eclipse. I'm proud of the community service we put in to help our host family build a path to the meditation and prayer area at their home. My TFT trip to Sicily was a life-changing experience. Before I went on the TFT trip, I didn't have much confidence in my ability to travel, but afterward, I gained a lot of confidence and I am more eager than ever to explore the world. I would definitely recommend TFT to all prospective travellers - especially for those who want to make an impact in other people's lives."

    • Incredible Summer!
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Oct/30/2019 by Izzy

      My life changed drastically over the course of two weeks and I owe that change to Travel for Teens and the summer I spent abroad in Berlin, Paris, and London! From the moment I stepped off the plane, I was greeted to nonstop action. From the get-go, there was so much to do. Being exposed to other cultures and learning phrases in German and French was fascinating and showed me that there was so much more to the world than my tiny bubble in California. From biking around Berlin to riding on the London Eye, there was never an absence of adventures. Besides adventures, there was also a community that formed over the course of two weeks. The staff were able to make every moment enjoyable and the other campers all contributed to the general companionship through their kindness and willingness to learn about the foreign world we found ourselves in. In the end, I came home wanting to go on more trips in the summers to come! From my summer, I've made lasting friendships and can effectively call myself a traveller and not a tourist!

    • Highly Recommend any trip!
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Oct/28/2019 by Allie O

      I have been so fortunate to experience two unbelievable TFT trips. I have visited destinations in Europe that were so beautiful that words cannot describe it. Through these trips I have gained many stories that I look forward to sharing, I have gained confidence in myself to be independent, and I have tasted food that can only be dreamt about. I was able to go paragliding through the Swiss Alps, go canyoning in Slovenia, island hopping in Croatia, visit the Louvre, and climb the Eiffel Tower. The opportunities that were provided through TFT were amazing and I would recommend any of their trips because you will have a once in a lifetime experience.

    • Pacific Northwest explorer
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Oct/25/2019 by Madison

      My first TFT trip was incredible. I got to see the various types of beauty found along the pacific west cost from national parks to vibrant cities. Not only were the destinations wonderful but so were the TFT staff. They were immensely caring and fun people to be around. Some of my fondest favorite memories came from those friendships. One of my favorite aspects of this trip was that we were taught to be travelers not tourists. Where we are encourage to seek and explore all corners of the earth. I loved my TFT trip and I hope to never stop traveling.

      Here is a video I made of this trip. The quality isn't great but it is a fun way of remembering my trip!


    • The trip that changed my life
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Oct/22/2019 by Madelyn

      I went to Tanzania for three weeks during the summer of 2018, from late June until early July. Going into this trip I was so excited to meet girls living at a boarding school and to work in an orphanage. I was excited to meet all the people that I would be staying with and going on safaris. What I wasn't expecting was to have my outlook on life changed forever.
      When we landed in Dar es Salaam after two long flights, we were greeted with the most love and joy I have ever seen and felt. Everyone was smiling and waiting to help us in any way they could. I was so overwhelmed at how amazing these people were. After being greeted we began the drive to our first hotel. On the way, I saw the poverty throughout the capital, but what I also saw was smiles. Smiles everywhere. I saw mothers carrying their children along the streets, with no shoes on; but they were still smiling and talking happily to each other.
      Not only did I see this is the capital, but I also saw this with the girls and the orphans. These girls had nothing but their uniforms and books, yet they were so happy. They always thanked us for any little thing we did. I will never forget one time a sweet girl about my age (16), cried out of happiness just from me sitting with her and making friendship bracelets. The little kids in the orphanage that had been living there since before they could remember were all joy. All they wanted to do was hold your hand and be next to you.
      These things will always stay with me, not because I got to go to Africa, or see zebras and lions and giraffes up close, or meet some amazing people who I still keep in touch with today, but because I saw people who realized that life is not about what you have, it's about who is in your life and how you chose to live it.

    • Volunteering in Costa Rica
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Oct/22/2019 by Bryn

      I have absolutely no regrets traveling to Costa Rica to volunteer at an animal rehabilitation center with TFT. It was the perfect balance of volunteering and working, as well as time to relax and enjoy the area. The days would start at 7 and go to 3pm with three breaks to keep up your energy. The jobs would be anything from trimming trees to feeding sloths to creating new toys for the monkeys. This was truly an enlightening experience to be able to help animals in need in anyway possible. After the days at the center were over, we would go to the beach or explore the local market to truly embrace the Costa Rica experiences. I highly recommend this company for their knowledge of each country and their ability to create organized and balanced schedules for high schoolers!

    • Best summer ever!
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Oct/21/2019 by Ivania

      Traveling to Thailand with Travel for Teens in the Thailand Service and Adventure program has been one of the best decisions I had made so far. The staff and the kids I went with were wonderful! Each and every one of them made the trip a memorable experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life. The staff was really supportive when it came to dietary restrictions and allergies, and they made sure everyone had what they wanted and needed throughout the trip. They were also very flexible with what we wanted to do and the schedule. The places we visited were unique and beautiful, for example, we visited a Monkey Island near Phi Phi, where we witnessed the monkeys steal food from the visitors, or take off the lice from one another. We also visited an elephant sanctuary where we learned about the elephants and the different ways we can help them, in the long run, to stop them from getting abused. Not only that, but we were able to give back to the community by building a cement house from scratch in a tiny community in Chaing Mai. This trip not only was wonderful, but it made me feel at home and thankful for having the opportunity to live such a unique experience.

    • Best 10 days of my life
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Oct/20/2019 by Henry Bleiweiss

      This summer I went to the Costa Rica for younger teens: Hola Costa Rica trip. It's a very big step to go out of the country with people you don't know. Trust me I was very hesitant. It takes a lot of courage to sign up for something so far out of your comfort zone, but I assure you, you will NOT regret it. I had the time of my life. Everything was perfect. The food was wonderful. The other kids were great. The counselors were very professional and experienced. It was truly a life changing experience that I was lucky enough to be a part of.

      Henry Bleiweiss

    • Making Memories in Bali
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Oct/17/2019 by Walker

      Traveling to Bali with Travel for Teens on the Bali Ultimate Service and Adventure trip has been one of the most memorable experiences of my life. I was excited to embrace long-haul international travel and finally explore somewhere that far from my home. Like a lot of people, I was nervous about how I was going to fit in within the group. That was fear was quickly squashed and I formed some very close friendships with everyone on the trip, from other travelers to the counselors to our amazing local guides. This trip was very diverse in many ways: both in the cultures of the regions we visited, the activities that we did, and the composition of our surrounding environment.This trip had a bit of everything, which I loved! We went from cityscapes to mountains to beaches. We had valuable service opportunities, working to restore coral reefs and practicing English with local children and more. We also had adventures like white water rafting, mountainside hikes, and scuba diving. It is really difficult to answer the question "what was your favorite part of the trip" because there really wasn't one singular event; however, a part of the trip that I found really valuable was eating dinner with the prince. Talking with him provided insight into their culture and their views. He answered our questions about Bali and we answered his about America and Canada. 21 days flew by so fast and while our group is no longer in Bali, the friendships and memories remain.

    • An amazing two weeks
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Oct/17/2019 by Kim

      This summer I was able to travel to Greece and Italy on TFT's service trip. This was not my first time doing a travel trip, but it was my first time going through TFT. I must say that this was the most organized company I have ever gone through, and I truly hope more people will choose TFT. I was able to help the local community of Corfu, see historical monuments in Italy, and still embrace the culture of the locals. I felt very independent- like I was truly traveling to embrace the culture, not to just be a tourist in a fancy resort. The accommodations were adorable and exactly what I had hoped. The counselors were friendly and I felt comfortable opening up to them- even about social things happening back home. I made some amazing friends on this trip, and I truly feel as though this was the best way for me to visit Europe.

    • My greatest travel experience!
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Oct/16/2019 by Jayden

      This summer I had the opportunity to travel to Thailand on the Thailand Elephant Service and the Islands trip! This was my first time traveling to Asia and if i'm being honest I was quite nervous, but TFT did an amazing job of making me feel welcome and showing me so many amazing things I will never forget. The bonds I made with campers on the trip will last for a lifetime and we are even talking about having a meet up in December! The counselors were very nice and were very helpful in helping us navigate the markets and getting us to excursions on time. Overall the trip was amazing and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to have the trip of a lifetime!

    • Hawaii- Travel For Teens
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Oct/15/2019 by Skye Harris

      I had the best time. Not only was my trip filled with fun and adventure, But I made friends and memory's that will last me a lifetime. This trip was the most amazing experience and I would recommend this trip to anyone. Travel For Teens is an amazing company and even when I had problems with my flight they made sure I got home safely and they were with me the whole way. Everything about this trip is just perfect, I had the most amazing counselors, the most amazing group of people and an amazing time. The activity's are phenomenal and I wish I could be doing them again right now.

    • Best travel company for teens!
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Oct/13/2019 by vladapitner

      Travel For Teens is an incredible travel company that I would recommend to anyone wanting to get a culturally enriching experience abroad. I traveled to Thailand with TFT this summer. The group was filled with like minded individuals who were so fun and easy to get along with. The excursions were incredible as we got to scuba dive in Thai coral reefs and go rafting down the Pai River. We volunteered at two elephant sanctuaries which were incredible as we got to work up close with these incredible gentle giants.

    • Costa Rica with TFT was awesome!!!
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Oct/09/2019 by Lindsay

      I did the Costa Rica Sea Turtle Service trip this part summer and it was amazing. The trip was so much fun, and we got the authentic volunteer experience, eating local food in the turtle center, and meeting the local and foreign volunteers. The beaches were beautiful and the towns were full of restaurants and shops to explore! The staff was very knowledgable and helpful, teaching us Spanish and the history of the places we were going to. The accommodations were great and the service was fun and rewarding. We did night walks along the coastline, helped repair fences, picked up trash, painted signs, and more! I always felt safe, comfortable, and happy. Costa Rica was fantastic and I hope to go back some day!

    • Another Fabulous Summer with TFT
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Oct/09/2019 by Melania

      After traveling with TFT last summer to France, Italy, and Switzerland, I thought nothing could top the memories I made on this whirlwind trip. Traveling to Thailand this summer as a CIT gave me a whole new level of appreciation for TFT and the impact the staff has on shaping the campers' experiences. I loved the balance between community service, cultural exploration, and exhilarating adventures. Everyday brought something new and different especially as we traveled across the country to experience the natural beauty, bustling cities, and breathtaking islands Thailand has to offer. I can't recommend this trip enough and am so excited to continue working with TFT in the future!

    • California and the Grand Canyon!
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Oct/08/2019 by Wendy

      This past summer was my third with Travel for Teens, and the trips never fail to amaze me! The TFT staff were there for you every step of the way getting prepared for the trips, and the counselors were so supportive and encouraging while traveling. The counselors are also extremely knowledgeable about the areas we traveled to. They worked tirelessly to ensure that the campers have the most amazing experience on the trip. On the USA: California and the Grand Canyon trip, we got to spend a day in iconic Santa Monica, go to Disneyland, and sea kayak in San Diego! On the second part of the trip in Arizona, we got to explore the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, and Antelope Canyon! Travel for Teens always offers once in a lifetime experiences and I'm so glad I have chosen them as my summer adventure.

    • Best Three Weeks Ever!
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Sep/25/2019 by Alaina

      In the Summer of 2018, I had the amazing opportunity of traveling to Australia and New Zealand. It was absolutely amazing. I got to do once-in-a-lifetime activities such as scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef and the Sydney Bridge Climb. These are memories that I will never forgot. for community service, we volunteered at a wallaby sanctuary. This was absolutely amazing, The wallabies were beyond cute, and they reminded me of my dog that I missed dearly. I never once imagined that I would be able to spend so much time with wallabies, and it was amazing.I had the most amazing counselors and met friends that I still keep in touch with. There was not a day that I did not love. If you have the opportunity to do this, you should, I can guarantee that you will not regret it.

    • Best Travel Company!
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Sep/20/2019 by Colleen

      This was my 3rd summer with TFT and as always I have nothing but good things to say about this amazing company. I have been fortunate enough to travel to Peru, Iceland, New Zealand, Australia, and most recently Thailand, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland with Travel for Teens! The TFT staff were always there to help and answer any questions I may have had. The counselors on my trips were approachable, fun, enthusiastic, and
      knowledgeable of the countries we were in. They made sure the trip ran smoothly the entire time, as well as making sure everyone on the trip was having a good time!
      Each trip I have been on has had a well thought out and organized itinerary, which was full of adventure, cultural immersion, and fun. Getting to travel with Travel for Teens has helped me become a comfortable traveler. It has pushed me out of my comfort zone, which has allowed me to grow as a person, gaining confidence, patience, and new perspectives. Travel for Teens has definitely taught me to be a traveler, not a tourist.

    • Best adventure ever!
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Apr/18/2019 by Annabeth

      I had never done an overnight camp before and I decided to go big and go to Scotland and Ireland with TFT! It was the best experience I ever had and I made so many memories. First off, the staff is incredible and they always take care of safety first, they are very fun and very supportive. One of the best adventures I remember was when we went rock climbing on the cliffs and rocks on the coast of Ireland, we got to jump off from the cliffs and into the ocean and that was such a blast. We also got to visit a castle and learn about falcons and even hold them as they would fly back and forth off our arms. The food was also incredible, as we got to try typical meals like a full English breakfast and haggis. The accommodations were very good too. For two of the three places we stayed at, we stayed at a hostel. They were quite small, but with all the new friends you meet there, it does not feel weird to be within such close proximity with others. The third place we stayed at was at an outdoor activity center on Achill Island and that was the most fun since every day there was a new activity such as surfing, canoeing, coasteering (climbing the rocks by the ocean), archery, and so many more. I have traveled a lot before, but with TFT, they are always on the move and you are trying new activities and trying new food while taking in the breathtaking scenery.

    • Trip of A Lifetime
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Apr/15/2019 by Lindsay

      I participated in the Europe for Older Teens: Florence, Cinque Terre, Interlaken, and Paris trip. This trip was easily one of the best weeks of my life. The trip is well balanced with sight seeing, shopping, relaxing at the beach, hiking, eating, and more. The staff is amazing! They make the trip extra fun and are great to be around. They are approachable, relatable, and really care about everyone on the trip. Every city was different and the trip does a great job of getting to see as much as the city has to offer in a short time. Paragliding in the Swiss Alps is something I will never forget. The food is amazing and I got to try different foods unique to each city. I loved that we were able to explore on our own time while the staff was near by and easy to contact if we needed them. I made amazing friends I still talk to and memories I will never forget.

    • Go on one of their trips!!
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Mar/07/2019 by Lindsay

      I've been to Spain, Thailand, Croatia, Prague, Germany, Austria, and Slovenia with TFT and every country was a new adventure, full of fun, diverse, interesting activities. I surfed, cooked, hiked, swam, shopped, biked, danced, and most importantly learned about culture, history, and tradition. These trips are amazing ways to spend your summer and make memories for a lifetime. I still tell people about hand washing elephants in Thai rivers and island hopping in Croatia. This company is great and all of my counselors have been knowledgable, approachable, and all around awesome people! If you can afford to, sign up for a trip with TFT. You'll see parts of the world you've never dreamed of, like Lake Bled in Slovenia where the water is warm and clear, or the massive caves of Nerja, Spain. To sum my TFT experiences up in a word: incredible!!!

    • Such an amazing trip!
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Dec/28/2018 by Mac Kalna

      I had the pleasure to go on the Belgium, Amsterdam, Paris trip this past summer. I had the time of my life. The trip was just more than I could have ever imagined. After always seeing the Eifel tower in movies, to seeing it in real life, well it doesn't get much better. TFT did a wonderful job organizing the trip to ensure the safety of the kids and to ensure the sheer joy as well :)

    • I had the time of my life
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Nov/27/2018 by Donnie

      In the summer of 2018 I went on Travel for Teens' "Europe for Older Teens: Florence, Cinque-Terre, Switzerland, and Paris" AND "Europe for Older Teens: Amsterdam, Munich, Swiss Alps, and Venice." I can very honestly say that it was the best summer experience of my entire life thanks. I set out with the simple intention of being more well traveled and hopefully making a couple new friends, and that I certainly did. I couldn't believe it! I actually made connections with people that I truly feel are going to last a lifetime. I've met up with friends I met over the summer since then and I carry the memories of those trips with me everyday. I would recommend those two trips especially because I felt as though I saw a good spread of Europe. Those are also some of the most historically fascinating destinations in the world, not to mention the food (nothing quite like Gelato in Florence). Switzerland is probably my new favorite place in the world and I absolutely can not wait to return to the karaoke nights and basking in the beautiful mountain range view from the balcony. If you have the opportunity to travel with TFT...take it! I will never forget my experience:)
      Alayna Donovan

    • My First of Many TFT Trips
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Nov/25/2018 by Lindsay

      I have been on four TFT trips now, and my passion for the company and what TFT has to offer would not have been possible had I not gathered the courage to travel overseas alone for the first time. My expectations for this trip were exceeded beyond imagination; these three cities are each highlights of Eastern Europe and each offer their own unique culture that I was lucky enough to explore. Aside from the delicious trdeln'iks in Prague (a must have dessert if you're there), I met friends on this trip and made connections with people I still keep in touch with to this day, almost 5 summers later. This program is extra special to me as it is what got me hooked on TFT, and it was the perfect introduction to the experience of being a traveler, not a tourist.

    • I had the best time of my life!
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Nov/19/2018 by Wendy

      From paragliding in New Zealand to snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef of the coast of Australia, I had the best 21 days of my life with Travel for Teens. I will never forget looking out the window on Air New Zealand as we flew through the snow-capped mountains to land in Queenstown. The beauty of this foreshadowed the once-in-a-life time experiences I had the privilege of doing on this amazing adventure. The counselors made me feel so at home in places I've never been, and the friends I made gave me memories I will cherish forever. I recommend this trip to anyone who loves adventure and lives for the moment.

    • They thought I would get bored for 13 days on an island. They were wrong.
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Nov/14/2018 by Michael

      Many people consider Fiji to simply be an island paradise - that's it. Now, don't get me wrong: Fiji is indeed a beautiful, relaxing country; however, so much more is offered throughout this remote chain of islands in the Pacific Ocean. When I signed up for the Travel for Teens Fiji Service & Adventure trip, my parents were quite skeptical of the trip, bombarding me with questions: "what are you going to do for 13 days on a small island??" Truthfully, I didn't know, but once I got to the islands, I was so thankful I signed up. While it is true you will always feel the ocean breeze and warm temperatures across the island, I never once thought the trip wasn't worth it. I live in Florida, and I could just as easily travel to The Bahamas, Dominican Republic or Jamaica; however, Fiji is entirely different. Everything from the community service aspect of the trip to the great personalities of my peers throughout the duration of my stay made Travel for Teens' Fiji Service & Adventure trip unforgettable. Right from the very beginning, people tried bonding. It worked. It is true we traveled across the entire world to a remote island unlike anything we've experienced before, and this unfamiliarity created a bond far quicker and stronger than one that would be formed in a more familiar setting. A good chunk of the trip was spent in a small island chain called the Yasawa Islands a few hours from the largest Fijian island where we helped a local school for a community service project. It was a wonderful experience. We could play and interact with the kids at the school, all between ages 5 and 15, and all these kids spoke English - certainly a nice benefit. They absolutely loved us. They had so much energy, running alongside us around their soccer field and dirt track, making days felt like minutes, and minutes feel like seconds. They taught us Fijian songs and games, and I still remember how to count from one to ten in one of the native Fijian languages all thanks to two kids by the name of Bill and Abel. Now, I am not someone who is the best with kids (I feel rather awkward in those sorts of situations), but I didn't feel any amount of discomfort with these. I was very happy in this regard. We built an incinerator for the school so they could burn their trash (small islands like this cannot have landfills; therefore, burning trash is their best option) and the neat thing about this was the fact that we could see each and every Fiji service trip's work before us while we were there. Each Fiji Service & Adventure trip contributes a bit more to the school, and we could ask kids that went to the school what last year's group accomplished. Upon leaving, some of the kids presented a few of their favorite travelers some gifts, and I was one to receive a handmade bracelet from Abel. It had a Fijian symbol that supposedly brings good luck to its wearer and I still wear it every single day as it helps remind me of my wonderful experiences I had in Fiji. Once we finished our community service project, we engaged in other extraordinary activities across multiple islands, and some highlights included scuba diving in what I consider one of the most beautiful reefs in the entire world (and I have been to the Great Barrier Reef previously - Fiji tops it), a zipline adventure in the hills overlooking local villages, farms and beaches, and my personal favorite: an early-morning hike to the top of a mountain to see the sunrise. We were doubtful about getting up very early, but it was entirely worth it. Eventually, a few minutes after reaching the top, the reds and pinks began to show, and we saw that big, bright red ball rise up from the perfectly calm sea one thousand feet below. That was likely the most spectacular sunrise I had ever seen (quite possibly the most spectacular one I will ever see, unless I have the fortune to travel back to Fiji once again). As I said in the beginning, "they thought I would get bored for 13 days on an island. They were wrong." Fiji is entirely worth putting on your bucket list, and not only that - Fiji should be at the very top of your bucket list. Travel for Teens is able to check off that list for you, and the 13-day Fiji Service & Adventure is your perfect choice to experience a group of islands unlike any other. Fiji is far more incredible than any island you can experience in the Caribbean, far more incredible than Hawaii, and far more incredible than nearly anywhere else on the planet. I only hope one day I can return.

    • Best Trip of My Life!
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Nov/14/2018 by Melania

      Travel for Teens provided me with the opportunity to not only explore new cultures and sights, but also allowed me to experience life as a local not a tourist. My trip to Italy, Switzerland, and France completely changed my life by instilling an appreciation for other languages, foods, and traditions. One of my favorite parts was traveling with a group of students my age and the extremely knowledgeable and passionate counselors who I still communicate with to this day.

    • Traveling through 6 countries in 21 days!
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Nov/13/2018 by Allie

      Travel for Teens totally changed my life. TFT not only helped me become more independent, but it's also helped me make life long friends. The overall experience was one of a kind, and it is one that I will never forget. The counselors were amazing and they made the trip so much more fun and relaxing. The counselors were also very well trained and certified for their jobs they were able to help when there was conflict and they are also very knowledgeable on the countries and I'm travel experience. The trip was very organized which helped my family always know what I was doing, and by having a schedule as a group we were able to see so much more. I did the Ultimate Europe for 21 days and I totally recommend taking a trip with TFT!

    • Best trip of my life
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Oct/21/2018 by vladapitner

      For the summer of 2018 I traveled with TFT to New Zealand and Australia. It was probably one of the most fun and exhilarating trips I've ever had. I traveled solo and made so many new friends. The counselors were great and I felt safe the entire time. The whole trip was thoroughly planned out, with each excursion being a way to break out of my comfort zone and be adventurous. Every singe day I was so happy and looked forward to seeing the new bits of culture out in the beautiful countries I visited. In New Zealand, I was fortunate enough to go paragliding. The view was spectacular, I felt like I could graze over the mountain tops. The mountains looked like a photo out of a photoshopped post card. I enjoyed every second of the experience. One of the highlights for me wa the service part of the trip. We worked at Sheoak Ridge, a nature reserve in Australia. We built pathways and played with wallabies. It was so much fun and warmed my heart knowing that I was making a difference to the different animals at this reserve. Besides the fun activities during the trip, the people traveling along with me was what really made my trip with TFT so special. There were around 18 people in my travel group and each and everyone person was full of life and shared the same passion as me to travel. The friends I made are long lasting and the experiences we shared is what will bond us forever. I highly recommend traveling with TFT especially to New Zealand and Australia. I felt as if I was living my best life each and everyday. I plan on traveling with them again next year.

    • A good time
      stars stars stars stars stars
      Reviewed on Oct/16/2018 by Sam G

      On my TFT trip, I had the most amazing time. Not only did I get to explore a few cool cities, but I was supported by the best staff. I instantly became extremely close friends with the other kids on TFT trip. Everyone who went was so nice, and within minutes after my arrival in San Diego, any nervous energy I felt had been let go. Over those two weeks, I learned how to be independent, and trust myself as well as how to rely on other kids my age. I loved swimming in the Pacific ocean. I had so many favorite parts that I can't choose one. We stayed at this incredibly beautiful mountainside lodge in Lake Tahoe, it was so nice. The last night of my trip was really fun. All the kids stayed up together and talked about how much we would miss each other. 2 years later, I hung out with a few of my friends from the trip a month ago. Go on a TFT trip, it an adventure that you'd be crazy to miss. The connections you will make can last a lifetime.