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    • Not college, but still ok
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      Reviewed on Jul/25/2015 by NiahdIsOkay

      I love the College of William and Mary and the campus is beautiful. Due to the fact that the students in this program are minors, the RPAs (Resident Program Assistants) are very scared of losing people and always need to know where we go, when, with who, and the time we get back, which is understandable but sometimes overwhelming in certain situations, especially if we are just on campus. There are a certain amount of people we have to stay with.
      The rooms are decent and for the most part the RPAs are easy to get a long with, as well as other students in the program.
      Being on the younger side, I have not taken APUSH yet unlike many of the other students therefore sometimes I feel left behind.
      The field trips seem to be organized for the most part but if we end early, time is waisted at the site instead of heading back early but then they rush us off because they waist too much time.
      Readings are often times long and extremely repetitive and definitely could be condensed.
      The food is not great but it is better than most colleges I have been to, just choose wisely.

      Daily schedule is usually this:
      Wakeup and go to breakfast
      Go on a field trip
      Back to campus for lunch
      maybe 45 minutes of down time (usually)
      Seminar (discussion based on readings)
      sometimes downtime sometimes lecture
      downtime but should be spent reading but again sometimes a lecture

      They do certain fun things like historical dance classes and ice cream runs, ect.

      in complex by 9
      in building by 10
      on floor by 10:30
      in room by 11

      A lot of time is planned for breakfast and in most cases you can not leave to go back to the dorm because they worry about the time the van will get there and don't want us to be late. The dining hall is maybe 5 minutes away from the dorm MAYBE so it is often frustrating how they hold us there instead of let us leave. Gives me the feeling of communism sometimes.

      The "college experience" is not very prominent but the class is okay and the teachers are nice. They are William and Mary Graduate students but the program is overseen by 2 professors, who are sometimes there sometimes not (depending on the program you choose).

      The roommate survey is inaccurate (not surprising) and often people are friendly with their roommate but not best friends. Many people that I've talked to would agree it would be better if we had the option of talking to people prior to the program, but it is just the luck of the draw.

      If you love history, this program is for you. Surround yourself with positive people you share interests with. Also, do your best to make friends with everyone. It is only 3 weeks so you'll live through it. In the beginning it could be hard to be away from home but it gets better. Be positive through the whole thing even if you learn history is not your life long love- like I did.

    • Attending NIAHD has truly inspired...
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      Reviewed on Oct/19/2013 by NIAHD<3er

      Attending NIAHD has truly inspired me in life. I was lucky enough to go two summers in a row and participate in both the Jamestown through Revolution Program and the Revolution through Civil War Program. They were both wonderful! The coolest thing about NIAHD though is that reading, site visits and seminar discussions are all equally important and occur almost every day. I loved having a seminar group to discuss ideas and observations with! I would recommend NIAHD to any student interested in American History.

    • NIAHD is an amazing program...
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      Reviewed on Oct/16/2013 by Arri

      NIAHD is an amazing program. When I was a teen, I attended both sessions during my high school summers. The material was organized, easy to understand, and very interactive. We visited many Virginia museums, even historical buildings that are now on private property (with permission from the owners of course). There is also a chance to participate at an archaeological dig; NIAHD has partnered with the Fairfield Foundation and offers the students the choice to help excavate Fairfield on their Saturday mornings.
      For me personally, NIAHD is the reason why I chose to attend the College of William and Mary. I loved the small classes and the student to teacher ratio. The campus is beautiful and right at the heart of Colonial America! I felt very safe on campus and on the field trips. The Drs. Whittenburg and their associates have the student's safety and concern as their number one priority. One of the best aspects of NIAHD is the credit. A Pre-collegiate receives 4 credits for participating in NIAHD.
      I highly recommend this program for all high school students.

    • I attended the NIAHD Pre-Collegiate...
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      Reviewed on Oct/16/2013 by Eve

      I attended the NIAHD Pre-Collegiate Summer Program in 2011, and it was the best summer experience I have ever had. Not only was I able to expand upon my knowledge of Early American history, but I also made connections that have served me well in college. The seminars were amazing, the fieldtrips were fun, and I am still in touch with my fellow participants. Rigorous and time-intensive, this program is definitely worth it if you are interested in history. There was a substantial amount of reading and writing due, however, there was also plenty of down-time. Highly recommended!

    • I attended NIAHD this past...
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      Reviewed on Oct/16/2013 by CM

      I attended NIAHD this past summer and had an excellent and rewarding time. Discussions with classmates who shared a love of history, instructors who are passionate about teaching and an opportunity to live at W&M for three weeks all contributed to making this an excellent program. I definitely recommend this program to anyone who enjoys learning and studying history!

    • I participated in the summer...
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      Reviewed on Oct/16/2013 by LadyPanther

      I participated in the summer NIAHD program second session this year! I absolutely loved it! I had a blast and made life long friends who I continuously keep in touch with! During the course I learned how to apply myself in college level thinking. I wrote essays that prepared me for what's to come and learned from Teachers who were passionate about what they spoke. This was the best summer of my life!

    • NIAHD was definitely one of...
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      Reviewed on Oct/16/2013 by jessm

      NIAHD was definitely one of the best decisions I made in high school. The class prepared me for college life - in and outside the classroom, and the people I met were amazing. W&M is an absolutely beautiful campus, and the places we visited are ones that I will remember for the rest of my life. I wasn't that keen on early American history before the program, but it completely changed my opinion. You will learn so much, you'll make great friends, and you'll come back better prepared for college. 't you're considering NIAHD as an option, definitely do it.

    • This program is a once-in-a-lifetime...
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      Reviewed on Oct/16/2013 by TC2014

      This program is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! I got to go to historical sites I had never thought I'd get to see, because I live in Texas. This program gave me a whole new perspective on history and convinced me to major in the subject. DON'T PASS IT UP, IT'S AMAZING!!!

    • Absolutely loved this program Coming...
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      Reviewed on Oct/16/2013 by Nina

      Absolutely loved this program. Coming to William and Mary for 3 weeks was pretty scary at first, but with the way the program is set up, I befriended everyone in no time. It was a really great way to learn about Virginia and its history, as well as learning how to interact in college seminars. The professors and grad students were great, and you could tell that everyone truly wanted to be there. This program is completely worth it!

    • NIAHD is an amazing program...
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      Reviewed on Oct/16/2013 by Swimmer18

      NIAHD is an amazing program! I went this past summer and took part in second session learning about history, from Jamestown up to the American Revolution. I highly recommend this program, especially if you are a sophomore in high school; the more of this program, the better. The other course is from the American Revolution up to the Civil War, and it seemed quite fun as well. The field trips, lectures, and weekend activities are all so fun and exceptionally well put together. You will have one of the greatest summers ever, guaranteed.

    • This program was one of...
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      Reviewed on Oct/16/2013 by Isabellaw

      This program was one of the best decisions I've made. The people I met there were absolutely amazing- both staff and students. The campus is gorgeous and it's a chance to see incredible historical sights and broaden your horizons on America's history. The three weeks I spent at W&M for the NIAHD Program changed my life and sold me on a future in the historical field. You'll become more independent and capable of experiencing the world on your own. I highly recommend this program, it'll change your life and you'll create lasting friendships as well as reach a new understanding of the past.

    • The NIAHD program changed my...
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      Reviewed on Oct/16/2013 by ambutl

      The NIAHD program changed my life! I wasn't crazy about history when I went, but this program got me to see it in a whole new way. I learned so much--about history, but also about analysis and writing--and I had so much fun. Still good friends with people I met seven or eight years ago!