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    • I will be majoring in creative writing at my university. Juniper is a great opportunity to push your limits and to get you out of your comfort zone in writing. I was able to push my story forward, get new ideas for when I get stuck, and to continue writing without overthinking and doubting. It will help me to continue to feel motivated when writing and that I am not alone when it comes to certain questions and doubts I have as a writer and that I should just write without thinking about it. I really do appreciate the opportunity given to me to be able to join this program and it's definitely made a huge impact on me as a writer.

      - Diamarah Torres - November 23, 2021
    • My experience at Juniper helped me gain confidence in my writing. I realized that writing is not just words on paper, but works of art constructed carefully by individuals. There are times where stories I have written may seem to be dull, but I have learned to celebrate that every piece of writing is a master piece. I would describe Juniper as a beautiful space where everyone is comfortable writing and sharing their work with one another. There's not many spaces where writers feel a sense of hospitality, yet Juniper proved to be one where everyone felt a source of comfort.

      - Katherine Villalta, 10th Grade - November 29, 2021
    • At JYWO, I learned to become more attentive to the world around me. Even when I am not writing, I think that my grasp of language is still improving because of how conscious I've become of what I perceive. The attention that each student gets, particularly in the writing labs and one-on-one meetings, is incredible. I can also tell how much intention was put into crafting this program based on the variety of activities--from craft sessions to write-ins to writer's life talks, JYWO was so all-encompassing and enriching. I particularly loved my one-on-one time with my incredible writing mentor, Sarah Ahmad, who raised so many points I hadn't considered before on my writing--both on a structural and diction basis--and also provided specific story references that were similar to what I was interested in and I could read for inspiration. In my usual environment, I have little exposure to the writing of minority writers (like me), and it was so eye-opening to read and dissect the language in their works. My experience at JYWO will support my goal of continually rediscovering language in new forms! JYWO has helped me delve into the complexity of language--in both what is said and unsaid. This experience has not only made me realize how much I have yet to learn as a writer, but it has also made me so excited for the future.

      - Miye Sugino, 12th Grade - November 26, 2021
    • First of all, I've gotten so many new author and book recommendations related to sci fi/short stories/flash fictions which I've definitely put on my bucket list! Additionally, I'm definitely going to use many of the inspirations I got from Juniper's through writing prompts, lab sessions, and intensives (whether that be the write-alongs or readings) to draft new pieces. My experience was life-changing, especially since I've rarely gone to writing camps and have spent most of my childhood/school career doing writing on my own. Juniper allowed me to meet so many phenomenal young and older writers that I wouldn't have had a chance to meet if I just wrote by myself all day. And if that's not enough of an incentive for my friend, I'd say that they should definitely attend the camp to explore new genres and create new pieces! My first week at Juniper was a time where I got to reflect and discuss with others, while my second week basically gave me the chance to turn ideas into reality and churn works out nonstop (kind of like those frozen yogurt machines), so you also get a tangible result from attending! I accomplished my goal - generating a new short story and a few flash fictions + meeting a community of young writers. It's widened my perspective about writing in general and also what it means to be a part of the writing community, which has helped me move forward in my goal of learning what it means to write in the real world.

      - Carolyn Wang, 11th grade - November 23, 2021
    • I have never met so many talented people and made such strong friendships. If I could live here, I would.

      - '12 participant - July 1, 2012