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    • I'm going to keep this short and sweet . SOCAPA is a life changing experience that will make you a better artist, along side a better person . I went to SOCAPA 3 times and each time was better than the last .The connections I made in the acting world were crucial in my development as an actor and the friends I made will be with me for life . SOCAPA's versitle curriculum will prepare you for the real world and will also make you never want to leave the program. Even though the experience I gained as an actor was incredible, the other social aspect SOCAPA offers is truly what made me fall in love. From seeing Broadway shows, to adventuring, and even doing bonding activities with your roommates made the experience different and better than any other summer program. The counselors and teachers are phenomenal, and the classes are fun and interesting. It truly prepares you for the real world and I will value SOCAPA until the day I die. I have nothing but love for SOCAPA, and it is a must if you are an artist looking to expirience the world of your craft and become a better human in general.

      - Story Tepper - July 3, 2019