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    Should I Take a Gap Year?

    A life-changing gap year experience can be the answer for a teen who asks, “What should I do after high school?” Learning a new language, volunteering in another country, earning college credit while studying abroad, and more—there are hundreds of gap year programs for teens out there.

    How Do I Pick a Gap Year Program?

    So, with all the gap year options for teens out there, how do you choose a gap year program? You’ll need to narrow down the choices in teen gap year programs by deciding what you want from the program. If you’re looking for gap year traveling programs, you’ll have different requirements than if you want a volunteering gap year program.

    If earning college credit from a study abroad gap year program, you should ensure that the credits can transfer to the college, university, or other institution if you plan to attend one in the future. Look for accredited gap year programs to make this an easier process.

    Not all gap year programs actually last an academic year. Students can choose to attend a summer or semester gap year program designed for students 18 and over. With so many programs out there, do your research to find the best gap year program for you. Gap year alumni are among the best references!


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