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    INESLE Madrid – Spanish Summer Program

    INESLE Madrid – Spanish Summer Program


    • Listing Type: Summer Programs
    • Program Delivery: Residential
    • Destination: Australia, Kenya, Morocco, Oman, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, Puerto Rico, Wales, Scotland, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Trinidad and Tobago, South Korea, Qatar
    • Provided By: Independent Provider
    • Session Start: July
    • Session Length: Four Weeks
    • Entering Grade: 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, PG
    • Gender: Coed
    • Category: Language
    • Sub-Categories: Reading, Writing, English as Second Language (ESL), Spanish, History, Arts, Geography
    • Selective: No
    • Ages: 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
    • Minimum Cost: $3,000 - $6,999
    • Credit Awarded: No
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    INESLE Madrid - Instituto de Español,  we specialize in teaching Spanish to foreign students, aged between 13 and 18 years. It is a summer language immersion program for students interested in going deeper in the Spanish language while experiencing authentic Spanish culture by living with a host family.

    INESLE Madrid - Instituto de Español is an educational center in the north of the city of Madrid (Spain). We specialize in teaching Spanish to foreign students, aged between 13 and 18 years.

    INESLE Madrid - Institute of Spanish is an independent Spanish language and cultural education center based in Madrid. We have been organizing Spanish language residential programs for American students since 2007. It is a summer immersion program for students interested in going deeper in the Spanish language while experiencing authentic Spanish culture by living with a host family.

    We work closely with high schools; parents, hosts, teachers and students to deliver a rounded learning experience and a safe, comfortable and memorable stay in Madrid. 

    One of the distinguishing features of our program is that each student stays with a Spanish family.  We carefully pre-vet each family and match them to the most suitable student. Students are encouraged to join in fully with family life, experiencing the warmth and good humor for which Spanish families are rightly famous. In the process, students will learn how central the family is to Spanish culture while speaking our language, 24/7.




    • It has been an absolute pleasure to participate in INESLE. INESLE has bestowed me a newfound appreciation and drive for learning Spanish. I will be entering the next academic year with this attitude, and I possess nothing but gratitude for those who organized this.

      - Rory O'Donnchu - Sandford Park School, Ranelagh, Dublin - August 15, 2022
    • I really enjoyed INESLE Madrid, and I definitely would consider it a once in a lifetime experience. I really connected with my host family to the point where I truly felt like a member of the family. I strengthened existing friendships and made countless new ones, forging friendships to last a lifetime. I love going on excursions to museums, historical sites & amusement parks, laughing with my host sister late in the night and getting to know the beautiful country that is Spain.

      - Emmie Cutler - Phillips Academy Andover, Andover, MA - August 1, 2020
    • I love traveling and this was an experience of a lifetime. I got to visit many interesting places with a rich and beautiful History. My favorite place was Segovia because of the Roman Aqueduct and massive castle. The host family was warm and welcoming and helped to provide an amazing experience.

      - Noah Wizda -Joel Barrow High School, Redding, CT - August 15, 2022
    • My experience with INESLE has been very positive. From the moment I arrived, my family made sure to include me in everything they did, from going out to dinners to concerts and the pool. My host brother always invited me to hang out with his friends or go to the movies. Both the Spanish and American kids (as well as the monitors) were friendly and outgoing. The classes were taught by knowledgeable teachers, the discussions we had were interactive, and the trips we went on were engaging.

      - Alex Goldfarb - Northern Highlands Regional High School, Allendale, NJ - August 22, 2022
    • I enjoyed my experience at INESLE Madrid very much. Meeting students from around the world, and the rich exchange of both language and culture was a fantastic experience that the INESLE program provided me. The opportunity to fully immerse myself in the culture of Spain - while learning to live like a Spaniard, such as living with my host family, I will treasure indefinitely. It was an honor to be part of the 2022 INESLE Madrid program, and I wish the best for future students.

      - Quinn Novick - Phillips Academy Andover, Andover, MA - August 25, 2022
    • The best part of my INESLE was becoming best friends with my host sisters. I loved spending time with them in the pool, watching TV, baking, cooking, and just talking. My family took me to cool places in Madrid and I learned so much about Spanish culture, lifestyle, and colloquial phrases. My favorite excursions were the water park, amusement park, and, of course, the Camino de Santiago where I made friends with other Spanish people and deepened connections with my American friends. Overall great experience.

      - Isabell Luo - Phillips Academy Andover, Andover, MA - July 30, 2022
    • Muchas gracias por la oportunidad a participar en INESLE. He tenido una gran experiencia y nunca voy a olvidarla. Mi espa~nol ha mejorado mucho y puedo atribuirla a tu programa.

      - Zoe Fallah - Phillips Academy Andover, Andover, MA - August 20, 2022
    • Dar las gracias a todos los que hab'eis estado organizando Inesle Madrid. Sin duda os hab'eis superado este a~no. Las im'agenes son fant'asticas y hablan por s'i solas. In'es y Zoe lo han pasado genial, han hecho un grupo de amigos y han quedado los fines de semana. Deseamos que sigan conservando esta bonita amistad que ha comenzado con vosotros. Enhorabuena a todos y feliz verano. Os lo merec'eis.

      - Familia Porr'ua-Galindo, Madrid (Espa~na) - September 15, 2022
    • Much'isimas gracias a todos por vuestro trabajo y dedicaci'on. El programa est'a fenomenal y los chicos han disfrutado mucho. Gracias por este diario semanal tambi'en, pues es la forma de tener su recuerdo y saber todos lo que han ido haciendo. Gracias y saludos, Mercedes Calzada Burgos

      - Familia Calzada, Madrid (Espa~na) - September 15, 2022
    • Thanks for confirming! Anna had a fantastic time in Spain. Her host family couldn't have been more of a perfect fit and the El Camino trip at the end was the icing on the cake! Thank you so much for this wonderful program. This experience will stay with Anna forever. Thanks, Nancy

      - Nancy Naber - Madison, WI - Natural Mother (Phillips Academy, Andover)) Andover - September 5, 2022
    • "A belated note to say THANK YOU so much for the amazing experience that our son had in INESLE Madrid this summer. Truly unforgettable and life-altering. We still talk about his experience there all the time, and I cannot say enough about the warm and generous hospitality he received from his amazing host family."

      - Mother 1 - August 15, 2017
    • INESLE Madrid fue una experiencia que voy a recordar por toda mi vida. Mi familia anfitriona era mejor de lo que podr'ia haber esperado. En s'olo un mes se convirtieron en familia para m'i. Antes de INESLE, mi espa~nol apenas hablaba. Ahora, estoy seguro de hablar, entender, leer y escribir. Las excursiones culturales eran tan importantes para m'i como el tiempo en el aula. Aprend'i mucho sobre la cultura espa~nola, lo que me hizo apreciar a'un m'as Espa~na. Hice muchos amigos americanos y espa~noles a trav'es del programa que todav'ia mantengo en contacto con hoy. Las conexiones que hice en Espa~na son algunas que guardar'e para siempre. Por INESLE, pude aprender sobre el lenguaje, la cultura y la amistad. La experiencia fue incre'ible. S'olo tengo buenos recuerdos de mi estancia en Espa~na, y espero poder volver pronto!

      - Student - Phillips Exeter Academy, NH - August 5, 2017
    • "INESLE was a transforming experience. Taking spanish in school, I had always learned about Spain and my desire to go there grew with each passing year. When I found out about INESLE, I was thrilled because I had finally found the opportunity to travel to Spain. What I will remember the most about my time is not how to conjugate verbs in the imperfect subjunctive form, but what I learned about myself through immersion in the Spanish culture. My host family opened up their lives and home to me so I could live as a Spaniard. Although I got to see all of the museums and landmarks, what I value more is the personal aspect of Spanish life that I got to experience. Through my time in Spain, I was able to explore new types of foods and meet Spaniards that although I often had difficulty talking to, were the best part of the trip. I formed friendships with people from a foreign culture but we got along like brothers. I learned that you can never fully experience a language without experiencing the culture that comes along with it. I am truly blessed to have gotten the opportunity to pursue a language I love in its native setting and live the life of a Spaniard for 30 days."

      - Student - Phillips Academy - Andover , MA - September 5, 2017
    • Through the INESLE program, I was able to improve my Spanish skills in reading, writing, comprehension, and speaking. Classes were taught exclusively in Spanish, and sticking to the program's "no English" policy allowed me to truly develop my fluency in the Spanish language. I was so happy throughout my time in the program, and I am still proud to see how much my Spanish improved this summer. It was a great experience for my personal development as well, as I learned to live in a new place and adapt to a new culture. I loved my host family, and I am grateful for the amazing summer I had. I will always treasure the INESLE experience, and I'm excited to hopefully return as a teacher and keep in touch with the friends I made during the program

      - Student - Regina Dominican High School - Chicago, IL - August 10, 2017
    • For my daughter, INESLE Madrid 2015 was a wonderful experience. She enjoyed herself very much and dramatically improved her Spanish. I cannot rave enough about the excellent program you have developed. Her host family was very kind and helpful to her in every way. My daughter will remember the Summer of 2015 forever. Thank you for everything.

      - Mother - October 15, 2015
    • I just want to start off by saying thank you for allowing our daughter, to participate in this lovely program. She arrived back in the United States eager to share all she had experienced. We are still hearing stories about her host family, her friends, and the places she visited. My husband and I thank you for placing her with such a great family who treated her as their own. She still texts and communicates with her host family and her Spanish friends. We are very grateful that she was able to make friends, learn, and tour Spain with such a wonderful group of people!

      - Mother 2 - November 12, 2015
    • There are not enough words to describe how amazing my INESLE experience was. From spending time with my wonderful host family, to studying in intensive and engaging Spanish classes, to sightseeing around Madrid with my new Spanish and American friends - it is needless to say that INESLE provided me with the opportunity to experience Spain through the eyes of a globally-aware citizen. Through the Spanish classes I took in the INESLE program, I was able to improve my linguistic and comprehensive ability. The constructive feedback I received in class from my professors was constructive, and their passion for teaching inspired my own desire to learn. Additionally, the "one-on-one" conversations I had each day with my teachers contributed greatly to my ability to hold a profound and interesting conversation in Spanish. However, more importantly, these one-on-one conversations generated a confidence within myself to speak Spanish without the fear of making mistakes - an essential type of self-esteem that is necessary to have in order to succeed in any foreign language. On the afternoon excursions, I had the amazing opportunity to visit famous and historical sites in Madrid. Not only was I able to learn about the history of a city as beautiful as Madrid, but I was also able to experience Madrid as a local with the company of my new Spanish friends. Through these friendships, I began to realize certain cultural differences that exist between these two cultures. Thus, INESLE presented me with the invaluable opportunity to broaden my perspective on a more international level. I had such a phenomenal time in Madrid and I made so many amazing friends that I hope to keep in touch with in the future. I will never forget the wonderful memories I've made during my time in INESLE. Studying abroad in Spain was an experience that truly changed my life and I could not thank INESLE enough for all that it has given me.

      - Student 1 - Phillips Academy - September 24, 2015
    • Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity, I really enjoyed my time in Spain. INESLE 2015 was full of lasting memories that I hope I will never forget. When I first arrived in Spain I was immediately welcomed into my host family's house. My host sister told me all about their family and friends that I would be meeting and getting to know that month and the places we would be visiting. The first day of excursions, I was immediately greeted by a group of people that would soon become my great friends. As the month progressed I found myself laughing with everyone, as we told stories and took pictures together. The whole time with my host family was filled with smiles laughter as I giggled about shared secrets, bonded over how much we loved chocolate ice cream or sang our hearts out to songs in English and Spanish as we drove back from classes. INESLE was an immersion program in the best kind of way for me personally. By the end of the program I found myself playing charades with my host siblings and holding a new friend's hand as we started up the track of a rollercoaster, and talking with people that I never would have met.

      - Student 2 - Phillips Exeter Academy - August 3, 2015