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    Peace Ambassador Leadership Summit (PALS) at Florida International University

    Peace Ambassador Leadership Summit (PALS) at Florida International University


    • Listing Type: Summer Programs
    • Program Delivery: Day, Residential
    • Destination: United States
    • Provided By: Independent Provider
    • Session Start: July
    • Session Length: One Week
    • Entering Grade: 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th
    • Gender: Coed
    • Category: Leadership
    • Sub-Categories: College Application, Communications, Social Justice, Leadership, Health and Well Being, Career Exploration, Study Skills
    • Selective: No
    • Ages: 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
    • Minimum Cost: $500 - $1,499
    • Credit Awarded: No
    • Call: (954) 866-5880
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    Embark on an empowering eight-day journey focusing on Leadership, Career, Social, and Life Skills Development while navigating Mental Wellness in a Digital Era. Through workshops and activities, hone personal growth, leadership, communication, and social responsibility skills. Gain essential tools for success in today's interconnected world, blending leadership development, career exploration, social-emotional learning, and college readiness.

    Peace Ambassador Leadership Summit (PALS)
    Florida International University -
     Miami, FL
    Leadership, Career, Social and Life Skills, and Mental Wellness
    July 14-21, 2024

    At PALS at FIU, we offer a hands-on program designed to equip you with essential life and social skills and insights to excel both academically and professionally. Here's what you can look forward to:

    Program Highlights for PALS at FIU:

    • Peer Leadership
    • Inclusive Environment
    • Interactive College Simulation
    • Mentorship by College Students
    • Workshops on Critical Life Skills

    Focus Areas:

    Leadership Development and Ethics: Explore what it means to be a leader and the ethical responsibilities that come with it. Enhance your leadership skills in workshops like “Crafting Your Leadership Identity,” “Leadership and Ethics,” and “SMART Goal Setting.” 

    Digital Literacy and Social Media Awareness: Develop critical thinking about digital footprints and online behavior. Learn about the impact of social media in sessions like “The Impact of Social Media & Social Isolation” and “Media, AI, and Peer Pressure.”

    Communication and Relationship Building: Focus on building positive personal and professional relationships. Improve your communication abilities through “Assertive Communication,” “Public Speaking,” and “Professional Communication” workshops.

    Mental Wellness and Personal Empowerment: Explore the influence of digital platforms on mental well-being with sessions on managing online presence, reducing screen time, and understanding social media’s effects on self-esteem and relationships. Gain tools for self-care and resilience to navigate life’s challenges.

    College Preparedness: Prepare for college and future careers with “College 101”, “College Application & Supplemental Essays,” and “Financial Aid.” Learn practical workplace skills through “Mock Interviews” and “Time Management”.

    Life and Social Skills: Focus on developing practical life skills and social abilities through interactive sessions that cover topics from interpersonal relationships to self-care and boundary setting.

    Civic Engagement and Social Responsibility: Discuss social topics like “Human Trafficking,” “Racial Equity,” “Gender and Orientation,” and “Civic Engagement and Community Development.” 

    Navigating Challenges and Conflict Resolution: Learn to handle conflict constructively with “Conflict Resolution” and “Taking Accountability.” Address modern challenges like “Cancel Culture and Ghosting” and “Healthy Relationships and Teen Dating Violence.”

    Awards and Acknowledgments:

    President’s Volunteer Service Award: By meeting the service hour requirements through PALS and other volunteering efforts, you’ll receive a PVSA package, which includes a presidential letter, certificate, and pin.

    PALS Graduation Ceremony: Celebrate achievement at the PALS Graduation Ceremony, where students receive a Certificate of Completion, honoring their dedication and growth throughout the summit.

    Community Service Project: Earn 50 service hours

    Mark My Words: Bookmarks for Bright Futures: Participants will engage in a creative service project benefiting local elementary schools, crafting personalized bookmarks to encourage reading and literacy among elementary school students. This hands-on activity fosters community engagement and promotes the joy of learning through art.

    Evening Social Activities Include:

    • Ice Cream Social & Lip Sync Battle
    • Pool day 
    • Movie Night
    • Art Therapy
    • Talent Showcase 
    • Themed Prom 

    Summer internships are open to college students.

    Cost and Session Information

    July 14-21 - Florida International University - Miami, FL

    Tuition includes dorm, meals, and all program costs

    • Early Bird Special: $1,025 (Ends 4/30)
    • Full Tuition: $1,225
    • 50 Service Hours
    • Final Registration Deadline: June 16

    Pre-PALS Information and Orientation Sessions

    Interested in PALS? Join our online or in-person info sessions to hear from the Executive Director and Junior & Senior Counselors. Sign up to get all your questions answered and enjoy a private meet and greet with other attendees and Junior Counselors as your PALS date nears.

    PALS is hosted by the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization National Voices for Equality, Education, and Enlightenment (NVEEE). 


    • This is my 3rd year knowing about NVEEE and I can truly say that each passing year NVEEE makes my life even better than it already was. Everyone that is a part of NVEEE helped me move on from my past, and also helped with some of my other personal issues. This is an amazing organization that deserves way more credit than what it is given.

      - Victoria - October 16, 2016
    • My name is Liz. I started volunteering with NVEEE in High School, because I felt I could connect to the message (being severely bullied in elementary and high school). Little did I know that my experiences with them would change my life.As a Sr Staffer and Conference Coordinator at the last two PALS, our summer summit focusing on bullying presentation, I have not only gone through a personal transformation but have seen how much this organization helps and gives tools to those whom really need them.I have shared personal stories, heard incredible triumphs, learned, grown, made friends, cried, laughed, and most of all, learned to be a leader. I don't know what I would have done or would do without NVEEE. The organization, and its founder, Jowharah Sanders, have truly helped me heal and changed my world view. Without it, I don't think I would have had the courage or strength to start my own non-profit organization: Her Voice. NVEEE and its message are essential to the future and to the WORLD.

      - Liz - September 27, 2015
    • NVEEE has been the most influential aspect of my life ever since I joined, it's helped me so much with every aspect of myself including my people skills, leadership and so much more. The world needs an NVEEE.

      - Joey - September 10, 2019
    • Before NVEEE I was a person that didn't really understand the harms of bullying to the fullest extent they help me understand just how dangerous it can be and how great it would be for others to take a stand against it. Jowharah Sanders and all other memories of NVEE have made me feel at home and loved and help me grow to help others thank you!!!!

      - abeeg2 - October 28, 2018
    • NVEEE has been an amazing experience for me. I've always wanted to help people hands-on, and NVEEE opens that outlet for me. I have learned about the struggles of other people, which has motivated me to help those who are not as priviledged as I am. It has created a postive impact in me and has helped me help myself and others.

      - Ricardo - October 1, 2017
    • NVEEE is a wonderful organization that brings together a diverse group of young people together for many great causes . I had a wonderful experience with this organization and I reccomend going to any of NVEEE's event.

      - Kiana - October 1, 2017
    • NVEEE changed my life for the better. I participated in their leadership summit in 2019 and was recruited as a volunteer then. I have been a part of their leadership training program (PALP) ever since, where I was mentored in public speaking skills in a diverse and welcoming environment. Vulnerability and trust are encouraged and celebrated, creating not just a productive learning environment but a veritable family among the volunteers. I owe my confidence in both casual social situations and professional work environments to NVEEE.

      - ditch_11 - August 21, 2021
    • My name is Camry and I just want to recognize NVEEE and let everyone know that it is by far the best non profit for bullying awareness around. It has changed my life and I have seen it do wonders in others lives right before my eyes. The amazing founder Jowharah Sanders saw a need for change and formed this outstanding team and organization to help her accomplish it. PALS our annual summer conference is something that I think every teen should attend, the experiences I have there and the people I have met are so precious to me and I know will last forever.

      - Camry H - September 27, 2015
    • I will always thank NVEEE for helping me become the person I am today. All the leadership skills and compassion that I have today is because of this organization. Nothing compares to working with so many young adults trying to make a difference in the world.

      - Gisselle - September 15, 2019
    • Getting to be a part of NVEEE has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Every part of the NVEEE team carries such an inspiration with them and they have had such a positive impact on everyone that has ever came across the program and it shows in every smile they have created along the way! They create such an accepting and open environment for everybody and if you walk away from the program with anything- it's that no one is ever alone and there are so many people that are there for you through everything you may go through. NVEEE is a 100% bully free zone and, once again, they have had such an impact on my life and is easily one of the most amazing experiences and organizations anyone can ever be a part of.

      - Brian I - October 17, 2016
    • I started with NVEEE about four years ago and it completely changed my life. It helped me over come bullying and prevent it even though I live so far away. I don't know what I would do with out the family it has become and it has certainly helped me reach and fulfill my passion of helping others. It creates a chain reaction. I've always wanted to help others, and NVEEE has taught me how to do that and help my self no matter how far away or what kind of person. I am apart of almost every program NVEEE has to offer and I wouldn't change it for the world.

      - Rhi - October 16, 2016
    • NVEEE has helped me tremendously! Since finding the organization after being bullied myself, I have been able to meet so many new people and help others who are in the same situation I was once in. The NVEEE crew is unbelievably dedicated to making a difference and ending bullying nationwide. My interactions with this organization have shaped me into a better person and have taught me so much about myself and community.

      - Megan - September 25, 2015
    • NVEEE helped me to finally come to terms with my past. i had been denying the truth for years and the people of NVEEE made me feel so safe and trusted that i revealed things that i didnt even realize that i thought. Ive been so much more comfortable with myself and with my choices ever since ive been with them. I've made great friends and I keep getting intoduced to more and more amazing, beautiful people everyday.

      - Nasia - October 2, 2018
    • After two years of being involved in the PALS conference, I have seen countless emotional transformations in the delegates. A group of strangers are thrown into this setting and within a week they are a family. It really changes youth from kids to advocates of change. PALS is able to do all this for one simple reason: it teaches people to understand each other. PALS shows life through many different lenses and creates an awareness of other peers' struggles and hardships. During open discussion, my eyes were brought to tears multiple times after hearing some of the unimaginable things such young teens struggle with. Sometimes you will learn that you are not alone and other times you will realize how lucky you are. But most importantly, you learn that everyone has a story hidden behind their faces and without knowing what they have been through, you cannot make any judgments. We all learn to understand and cherish our differences rather than discriminate. NVEEE has created a phenomenal program that really reaches out and prepares youth to spread this message of love and equality.

      - William - September 24, 2015
    • The PALS conference is so amazing and life changing it's hard to describe in words. Not only have I learned about all aspects of bullying, I've learned to be an overall better person. On top of the learning, I have made friends for life at the conference and that's what it's about. It's truly great and the only way to really find out is to attend.

      - James - September 25, 2015
    • This is one of the best non-profits that I have ever been in contact with. Every summer NVEEE hosts an event called the Peace Ambassador Leadership Summit, or PALS for short, and it is a life altering experience. I attended in the summer of 2015 and plan to attend in the summer of 2016. In 2015 I went as a delegate, or an attending member. In the summer of 2016 I will be going as a jr. Staffer, or a camp counselor. This organization only choose the best leaders to run it based on leadership skills, friendliness, problem solving capabilities, and other characterizes that produce a great leader. The founders of this organization are extremely knowledgeable on what they do and save young people's lives on a daily bases. This is an amazing organization to be a part of.

      - Theo - September 24, 2015
    • I found myself in a very bad place throughout my high school years but in a time where I only had myself is when I truly found myself. I began volunteering through NVEEE in 2012. I am a Peace Ambassador and a Board Member of the Youth Advisory Council for NVEEE. I was also a Junior Staffer at PALS 2014 and volunteered at PALS 2015. Through all of my experiences at NVEEE, I have found that there is no better feeling than watching someone finally feel like they belong. Not only does NVEEE give you a sense of purpose, it gives you a lifelong home and a lifelong family.

      - Sara - September 24, 2015
    • I went to PALS with the intent to get away from home but ended up feeling more at home than ever with the wonderful and inspiring friends I made during it. NVEEE has a lot of resources and really helped me live a better live through the different workshops and presentations. Thank you!!

      - Joshua - September 24, 2015
    • I have been going to Pals for two years now and it was such an amazing experience for both myself and my peers. I was a delegate this past year and I am now a junior staffer. When you attend PALS, you get to meet and collaborate with people who love you and understand you and make you feel like a part of a big family! I remember this past summer, we did many exercises that made you connect and really open up and it helped me feel better about myself. PALS holds a really special place in my heart

      - CJ - September 24, 2015
    • I've been apart of pals for 2 years now as a junior staffer, and there's a few things I've noticed. 1. Pals is the place that sparks a growth and the kids. They may not see it right away but the kids are definitely changed in a positive way after their time with us. 2. I don't know how it's possible, but we all manage to become a family after such a small amount of time together. 3. Pals is a place where you learn you're not alone, and you learn that everyone is going through something.

      - Kikiasha - September 24, 2015
    • National Voices for Equality Education and Enlightenment (NVEEE) pours its heart and soul into every activity they do for social betterment. Unfortunately, there are nonprofit organizations that exist solely for the notoriety: They put on fancy shows, invite famous people, and change a lot of money to attend, so the participants have a lot of fun, but walk away with little substance. I can proudly, and honestly, say that NVEEE is the real deal: They put on activities that have a direct benefit for others, and those efforts are noticed and appreciated greatly. This is a group with great substance, and a great heart - headed by a powerfully intelligent person, Jowharah Sanders. This is a nonprofit that rises above the superficiality of others and deserves to be around for many decades to come.

      - MinervaFilms - September 24, 2015
    • Great experience lots of great stories and diverse backgrounds to open you up to new world.

      - Bryan - October 3, 2018
    • NVEEE is an absolutely amazing organization that has truly opened my eyes to the things the world has to offer. My time with this organization has taught me so many things that I have applied to so many situations I have came across or could come across at any point in time. NVEEE is truly doing amazing work for the community that should not go unnoticed.

      - Anonymous - October 1, 2017
    • A wonderful non-profit! The founder is absolutely incredible and the youth I have met are Extraordinary. This non-profit has helped me to cohesively adapt to school surroundings, regardless of aggressors.

      - Jordan - October 25, 2015
    • When I first joined NVEEE, I didn't know what I was going to expect. I thought it would be like a regular learning session with little lessons here and there. I was wrong. It has been an incredible experience. NVEEE makes you grow into a learner and a leader. The people that I have met and the memories that I have made, have touched my life for the better. When you come to NVEEE, you become a well-rounded and better person. Come to NVEEE, and you will agree.

      - Anonymous - October 25, 2015
    • The most amazing experience I've been apart of. When I feel lost I feel like I have a family that I can rely on anytime no matter what

      - Naisa - October 6, 2019
    • Even though I've only known NVEEE for a few months, the organization gave a sharp turn to my life. I have known people who have really needed help for a long time, and I've always liked to help, and NVEEE has provided me tools to help those who are being bullied or are still affected by bullying despite not being object of bullying anymore. I also met amazing people whom I can count on whenever I need help. Through the people and the life lessons, NVEEE is definitely a life changing experience.

      - Ricardo - October 17, 2016
    • I first attended an NVEEE program last summer and it was a watershed moment in my life. I learned so much about myself, others, and how to improve. I've made great, long-lasting friendships and developed myself personally, academically, and professionally. Participating in the Peace Ambassador Leadership Program this year has also been incredibly transformative in the same respects, and being able to gain the mentorship, experience, and assistance in helping my community has been an experience unlike any other.

      - heisjonas - January 29, 2024
    • Without a doubt NVEEE is a great organization that I have been able to be a part with. When I attended their Peace Ambassador Leadership Summit (PALS) this year it was one the best experiences I've ever had. It enabled me not only to get service hours but get out of my shell, become a better leader, and be the person who I am today.

      - Raphael - December 11, 2022
    • I went to PALS in 2022 and it was one of the best experiences in my life. I was able to open up and connect with other kids like myself and so learned valuable information about the college application process and mental wellness values. I feel more in tune with myself as an individual and as a leader. I'm now in PALP as a peace ambassador leader and I'm so glad to be part of such a wonderful organization.

      - Ycajuste - December 11, 2022
    • I have met such amazing people doing such amazing service projects for the community. I truly feel like I have found a family of peers and mentors that I can look up to and confide in. I love NVEEE!!

      - leannette08 - November 12, 2022
    • NVEEE is such a wonderful organization and should be widely recognized. I attended PALS 2018 and it was an amazing experience that showed me how to be an upstander and valuable life skills.

      - Steffi - October 25, 2018
    • I joined PALS in the summer of 2023 with a couple of my friends because i thought it would be a fun activity. Never did I think this program would change me the way it did. Being a part of PALS and now NVEEE has taught me so much about college applications, scholarship opportunities, leaderships roles, and my value as a member of my community. After the week long stay at FIU for PALS, i had a different outlook on life. For the first time in a long time, i was able to step back and look at those around me with a clear mind. My relationships and friendships with those around me are much healthier and i feel like a more active member of my community. I signed up to work with NVEEE after my stay at PALS, and i don't think i could've done anything better. I'm now leading my group, collecting donations around south florida to keep those affected by homelessness warm, fed, and feeling loved.

      - rodneyfajitas - January 29, 2024
    • NVEEE's PALS has done nothing but bring a smile to my face since the first time I went. It's taught me so much not just about others, but about myself. This summit was definitely an eye opening experience for me.

      - gcruiz3 - September 12, 2016
    • I went to PALS on a whim, but what I found there truly changed my life and perspective on the world. NVEEE as an organization is an open minded safe space where I felt free to present myself honestly, which is something I can't say about the school system or even my own family. Through NVEEE I have learnt to see the world through the perspective of others and met different types of people and learn from them. Overall NVEEE is phenomenal and the work they do really helps to change the community for the better.

      - Andrew - September 12, 2016
    • NVEEE changed the way I look at people. NVEEE is by far the best organization I have joined, I didn't know what to expect when I went to PALS 2015, I thought it was going to be a regular camp with just activities to keep us busy, but it was so much more, PALS 2015 allowed me to open up to people & make friends for life, I felt so connected to everyone and myself. PALS 2015 is super fun & my favorite part was being able to be independent. I am super excited to go to PALS 2016, NVEEE is such a great organization, I am very grateful I got to be part of this amazing experience.

      - Writer - October 25, 2015
    • Hey,my name is Brandon walker and i am a jr.staffer for Pals. My experiences is what changed my life. It taught me to never judge someone because you never know what anyone goes through. My experience was an amazing get away from all of my personal life problemw that i was dealing with.i recommend this to all of my friends because this experience will change your life and make you realize that people do care about you and they wana help. Everyone is cool and genuine. This experience also made me feel that i am never alone, i have family.

      - Brandon - September 28, 2015
    • I have had the honor of being a member of the Jr. staff team at PALS 2014 and 2015. This organisation has created such a beautiful conference for young people where no matter how different we all are we can always find a way to come together. We teach leadership skills and help many to grow into the amazing people that they were born to be. I've never worked with an organisation that gives so much heart and soul into everything they do and it's an honor to say that I work with NVEEE spreading this kind of love and joy.

      - Kelly - September 27, 2015
    • NVEEE is a great program that me realize that I'm not the only one here alone that goes through the same thing like being adopt and have to put in foster care and moving from home and home. but not only help me realize that I'm not the only but help set others free from what there going. my story was never share until I want to Pals 2015 its a great break for your emotionally and mentally, and physically. we reach out through schools, community's, and homes, so please join us next year for one of the greatest breakthroughs ever at FIU this upcoming summer.

      - justinbrown - September 27, 2015
    • Most teenagers I know think that they're the only ones going through or have been through difficult times and that no one else their age could possibly understand. I always talk about NVEEE and whenever I mention what it is to someone for the first time and I explain that it's a bullying and suicide prevention organization people stare at me for a second because they just can not believe the words I just said. Speaking about suicide in a normal conversation is very odd to most people but it's so important, bullying and suicide awareness is so important. When you're in your own thoughts you don't get to hear the experiences of others and you tend to feel so alone. Sometimes, such negative thoughts like suicide become a person's dirty little secret. From the very beginning of PALS a conversation starts that so many people are too scared to talk about, even with themselves. Being surrounded by others who are sharing their stories about bullying, thoughts of suicide, or their journey in general, is completely life changing - and it may seem odd but it's also encouraging. To young adults, these moments are precious and indescribable. The significant effect PALS has had on me can not be put into words. I am going into my third year being a staff member at the conference and now I'm the Co- Vice President of the Youth Advisory Council. I'm eternally thankful to the Be a STAR program because now I know we have even more allies working on our behalf, even when we think we are the most alone. Now I know that the future is unpredictable and whether it's a lot of good or bad or both, you have no idea. Life can throw you some terrible situations but I know that one day it'll be better and it isn't permanent. The only thing that's permanent is the choice to end it all. That's a choice you can't learn from. Other choices you can learn from and evolve from and change but if you commit suicide, you can't learn from that or go back from that. That was one of the biggest reasons why people need to keep going and why I will keep fighting, more people need to know.

      - BriannaFinnk - September 27, 2015
    • NVEEE has changed my life. I first learned about the organization in 2013, at a leadership conference. I immediately felt a connection because I myself have been bullied in the past. The knowledge that I gained through the workshop led by the Executive Director, Jowharah Sanders, impacted me deeply. I finally felt empowered to be one of the upstanders that the world needed. In the summer of 2014 as well as 2015, I was a Jr. Staffer at the Peace Ambassador Leadership Summit. This summit not only provides youth with the knowledge they need to know about bullying and suicide prevention, but it also provides them with peer mediation training, a chance to show off their talents during the talent show and prom, and it also engages them in activities that allows for them to learn more about who they are. Now, in comparison to 2013 when I first learned about NVEEE, I am now the President of the Youth Advisory Council as well as a Senior Staff Specialist for PALS. I wouldn't be half the leader I am today if it wasn't for individuals like Jowharah, Grisel, Yakira, Dayliset and Ephraim who were willing to nurture me along the way. If you are looking to discover who you are as a person, help others in need or even meet other students who share the same interests as you while having fun, give NVEEE a try, you won't regret it.

      - Kiara - September 26, 2015
    • My name is Gabriella Garza and I have been affiliated with NVEEE and PALS for almost three years now. I strongly suggest for people of any age to volunteer with NVEEE. Even as a volunteer you grasp so much information mentally and emotionally that will help you. You become open minded when you're around NVEEE. You get to meet people of different races, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc. You learn to accept others, including yourself for all that you were born to be. I have learned how to handle bullying, how to be an upstander, how to treat others, how to be happy in my own skin. I owe a lot of my self confidence and self love to NVEEE and the people I have met at PALS. I recommend that students at least attend PALS once in their life and they themselves will experience the beautiful and positive aura that surrounds NVEEE and PALS.

      - GabriellaGarza - September 25, 2015