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    • My family of 3 generations has taken classes at Cornish, our lives are richer for the experiences.

      - Music Student - August 1, 2017
    • It was absolutely amazing! We learned about every aspect of the film industry and the basics in each area: lighting, camera work, editing, screenwriting, etc..

      - Film Student - August 1, 2018
    • The instructors were amazing! It taught me most of what I know about the college application process as well as the life of a college student.

      - Art and Design Student - July 1, 2018
    • I loved the program. When I went in I knew almost nothing about film and the program did an excellent job preparing me for other projects I wanted to work on. Summer at Cornish gave me insight on what art education could be like and inspired the idea of pursuing film.

      - Film Student - October 10, 2018