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    Colleges & Universities in Washington State

    Evergreen Experience: Colleges and Universities in Washington State

    Washington state, with its dramatic coastlines, majestic coastlines, and stimulating cities, offers a distinctive canvas on which to paint your college journey. But beyond the state’s breathtaking scenery, Washington colleges and universities set themselves apart by providing an exceptional blend of academic excellence, outdoor exploration, and focus on environmental stewardship.

    Learn in the Shadow of Nature

    Imagine studying amid stunning visual splendor. You’ll find Washington’s college campuses nestled among forests or near mountains or the iconic Puget Sound. Take study breaks to hike, kayak, or ski—activities all within easy access and offering a great way to live a healthy lifestyle and gain a deeper appreciation for the natural world. Hike the trails of Mount Rainier National Park, explore the thriving music scene in Seattle, or take the ferry to wander around the charming San Juan Islands.

    Sustainability Leaders

    Washington institutions stand at the forefront of sustainability initiatives. Many colleges have implemented environmental science programs, eco-friendly practices on campus, and a focus on environmental responsibility throughout their curricula. This focus prepares you for a future where sustainability is key.

    The diverse institutions of higher learning, ranging from large research universities to smaller liberal arts colleges and community colleges offer a wide variety of academic programs. Pursue a STEM degree at the University of Washington, Washington State University, or Seattle Pacific University. Study business, management, and social sciences. Enroll at Gonzaga University, known for its holistic liberal arts education (and an excellent basketball program). Earn a B.A. in the visual and performing arts from Walla Walla University or a smaller school like Whitman College.

    A Supportive Community That Embraces Diversity

    Washington colleges foster a welcoming, inclusive environment with dedicated faculty mentors, diverse student organizations, and a strong focus on social justice. Start your exploration today and embark on an unforgettable college experience in the Evergreen State.

      Washington state, a Pacific Northwest paradise, offers stunning scenery and world-leading colleges and universities. Study near mountains, forests, or the Puget Sound.  These sustainability leading educational institutions boast strong academics in STEM, business, and the arts. Find your fit – large research universities or cozy liberal arts colleges. A welcoming environment awaits.