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    • WPU was a great choice for me after being homeschooled because of all of the opportunities to get involved. Growing up being homeschooled I was a part of lots of different groups and organizations. Because of this, I saw a lot of benefits of coming to a university where being involved is highly encouraged and pretty accessible.

      - Rebekah N. Walker - January 22, 2022
    • Being a first-generation college student from a single-parent household, the fear of not being able to go to college because of finances was always scary to me. I received a presidential scholarship for academics. This was the biggest help I could have received in my financial aid package - that this is one of the biggest scholarships students can receive here at WPU. The financial aid team gave me and my mother a chance to ask questions and understand the routes we could take to pay for college. This helped both of us feel less worried about the financial aspect of coming to WPU.

      - Kiera Williams - February 8, 2022