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    Norwich University of the Arts

    Norwich University of the Arts


    • Listing Type: Colleges & Universities
    • Top Majors: Architecture and Planning, Art and Design, Communications, Theater, Fashion Design, Film and Television
    • Type: Public
    • Campus Setting: Urban
    • Testing Requirements: Test Optional
    • Financial Aid: Grants/Scholarships, Loans
    • Gender: Coed
    • Country: United Kingdom
    • In State Tuition: $22,500
    • Out of State Tuition: $22,500
    • Delivery: Day, Residential
    • Affiliation: National Association for College Admission Counseling
    • Religious Affiliation: None
    • Call: +44 (0)1603 756 249
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    Norwich University of the Arts is a leading UK university offering three year undergraduate and one year graduate programmes in art, design and media disciplines. For 170 years Norwich has offered studio-based, practice-led learning that prepares graduates for success in the creative industries. 

    A specialist education

    A specialist art and design education is focused entirely on the development of creative skills through practice. It’s about learning through making to a professional standard. Throughout their studies, students explore and master practical techniques and approaches relevant to their discipline. They develop a reliable creative process through critique, critical reflection, research, collaborative working and real-world work experience. Process and practice go hand in hand for graduate success.

    Instead of formal classrooms, specialist students are at home in studios and workshops. The academic and technical staff are themselves artists, designers and accomplished researchers in their field. Students are assessed not through exams, but the work they generate. Most importantly, from the moment students walk in the door through to graduation they are preparing for success after graduation by making: honing practical skills, learning lessons from mistakes and successes, engaging with challenging ideas and making up their own minds, discovering the stories they want to tell, working for real clients and building a portfolio to kick-start their career.

    A huge range of projects are undertaken during the course of an Norwich degree programme, though the curriculum is not made of different modules. It is carefully constructed of units that build on each other so that every year advances the quality, complexity and professionalism demonstrated in the student’s portfolio. This means students complete their studies on time, without the worry of missing out on work placements or travel abroad. 

    Course length

    3-year undergraduate degree courses are standard in English universities, so all undergraduate degrees are three years in length. Norwich also offers a 4-year degree option in some subjects. Students on this pathway enrol on what the University calls Year 0 courses, which are one year in length and provide foundation-level instruction. Successful completion of Year 0 leads directly onto the first year of a normal BA degree. Upon graduation, students are awarded their Bachelor Degree with Honours. UK Masters degrees are 1 year for international students. They run September to September each academic year.

    A vibrant British cultural hub

    Norwich is a vibrant and charming city in the east of the UK. The cost of living is much lower than elsewhere in the UK, despite boasting a high standard of living. Historical landmarks dominate the city centre, though they feel part of everyday life. Norwich Castle and Norwich Cathedral – both over 900 years old – are still used every day. While celebrating its rich cultural heritage, Norwich is a progressive and forward-looking city. It's home to a thriving contemporary art scene, dozens of annual festivals and a rich pub and cafe culture. It has consistently been voted one of the best places to live in the UK.

    Admissions procedures

    To secure a place on a Norwich University of the Arts course, candidates must first submit an application, which includes a personal statement, academic history, and a reference. Next, applicants will be asked to submit a digital portfolio of creative work. We offer guidance on what is expected for each course and can advise candidates on their individual portfolios. Applications are then reviewed by the relevant course team. Applicants are told of the decision within ten days of applying.

    At Norwich University of the Arts, you can study a range of creative degree programmes across the visual art and design disciplines. Full course listings and details are available on the University website.


    • The university has many industry connections which help inform the briefs of each course, keeping the teaching up to date with the latest industry standards. The connections from the tutors on my course have enriched my degree with multiple opportunities to hold exhibitions as well as countless guest lectures from some of the most sought after minds in the world. In my third year we have had a range of projects with live industry briefs, designing for actual clients which has been a great experience!

      - Chris (Architecture Year 3) - June 6, 2022
    • The vibe here really drew me in. The sense of creativity everywhere was incredible. I thought it was so cool that the courses are split between different buildings across Norwich, instead of being isolated on a dedicated campus. It makes me feel way more connected to the city as we're literally right in it!

      - Charlie (Fashion Marketing and Business Year 3) - June 6, 2022
    • My favourite part of my course is the social environment in my classes. The tutors and students are friendly and casual, and it's a comfortable atmosphere to learn in. Everyone has a different background and goals, and it makes for interesting variety in our outcomes. I've made good friends with some of my classmates and love seeing what they have to offer in their responses to our projects. Studying abroad can be a great chance to challenge yourself to broaden your horizons. When in an arts career, finances are a topic that arises often, and in comparison, non-American arts schools are a more affordable option. The UK system also prioritizes personal process and evidence of growth, while there is a more technical and high intensity aspect to American schooling. Depending on what you want, studying in the UK can be a great option.

      - Sage (Illustration Year 2) - June 6, 2022