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    Eastman Immersion Gap Year: Amber Johnson

    Posted December 11, 2017, 6:00 pm by TeenLife
    Eastman Immersion Year at University of Rochester: Amber Johnson

    Amber Johnson spent her gap year in the Eastman Immersion program at the Eastman School of Music at the University of Rochester.

    Why did you decide to study vocal music in the Eastman Immersion gap year program for musicians?

    I knew I wanted a music career, but I wasn’t ready to commit to four years. So I decided to take a year and better prepare for music applications while being in the loop of performing. This program doesn’t feel like a gap year, but a learning experience. At first, I thought one year just couldn’t be enough, but now I know it could be, if you set goals and be proactive.

    What was your goal for a gap year experience in music?

    To simply learn more about music, make music and enjoy music. These three things are everything to me.

    How will your gap year affect the rest of your life in college and after college?

    I meet wonderful people and learn new things every day. That would have never happened without attending Eastman. Meeting new people has built my character and given me connections to people I know I can call on, because they are where I’m headed and that’s to something amazing. Whether it’s teaching music, sharing my music, or helping others find music in themselves, I know I am well-equipped.

    What would you recommend to students looking into Eastman Immersion?

    Before applying, gather information and talk to the program director/coordinator to know if the Immersion program is the right fit for you. In my honest opinion there’s no better program out there.

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