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    University of the Sciences

    University of the Sciences


    • Listing Type: Colleges & Universities
    • Top Majors: Biological Sciences, Communications, Computer and Information Sciences, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Health Care, Mathematics and Statistics, STEM
    • Degrees Awarded: 4 Year + Graduate
    • Type: Private
    • Gender: Coed
    • Country: United States
    • Affiliation: Air Force ROTC
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    University of the Sciences has prepared students to be leaders and practitioners in the healthcare and science fields for nearly 200 years. Key to its distinctive education is a tradition of hands-on research and experiential learning evident in every graduate who has walked its campus. 

    Since its founding in 1821 as Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, the first college of pharmacy in North America, USciences has grown to more than 30 degree-granting programs from bachelor’s through doctoral degrees in the health sciences, bench sciences, and healthcare business and policy fields. USciences students are proven everywhere they go.


    University of the Sciences prepares students to become leaders, innovators, and skilled practitioners in the sciences, the health professions, and related disciplines. We deliver excellence in teaching, research, and service through a safe and supportive environment in which our students live, learn, and succeed.


    University of the Sciences will be recognized as a leader of science and healthcare education and research. We provide interdisciplinary, collaborative educational experiences and global opportunities that inspire our graduates, faculty, and staff to promote positive change. Graduates will be pursued because they are compassionate healthcare providers, critical thinkers, and diplomats of change, effecting innovative transformation for the betterment of society.


        • We champion innovation in inter-professional education, teaching, and research.
        • We embrace scholarship, developing technology, and life-long learning.We foster entrepreneurship, professionalism, and collaboration, building upon our proud legacy as the first pharmacy school in the country.
        • We cultivate respect, diversity, citizenship, civility, and inclusiveness.
        • We pursue quality, integrity, and sustainability in all aspects of university life.
        • We support our community and contribute to its economic vitality.