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    Aquinas College – Tennessee


    Aquinas College is a private Catholic institution of higher education. The College offers an academically challenging liberal arts and sciences curriculum. The Liberal Arts program at Aquinas College offers two degrees a four-year Bachelor of Arts and a two-year Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts.

    At Aquinas College, we offer something that cannot be measured merely by a catalog of course offerings. Since we are specialists, with a unique focus on the dignity of the human person from an authentic Catholic perspective, we offer something which is rooted in Someone: the person of Jesus Christ, Who has a plan for each of us. All of the resources and activities of the campus are directed to helping our students discover that plan and equipping them with the educational, social, and spiritual support they need to respond generously to Gods call. Our St. Jude Chapel occupies a central location at Aquinas, both in geography and in the hearts of the campus community.