The Omega Studios’ School of Applied Recording Arts and Sciences


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    • Top Majors: Music, Film and Television
    • Degrees Awarded: Professional/Trade
    • Type: Private
    • Campus Setting: Suburban
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    • Gender: Coed
    • Country: United States
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    Since 1977, The Omega Studios' School has been a world leader in professional audio education helping musicians, engineers, and producers achieve their creative goals by providing a variety of courses in recording, mixing, and production for music, as well as post production for film and television.

    Audio Engineering for the Music Industry

    The Audio Engineering for the Music Industry Program provides training in every aspect of audio engineering for the music industry. It prepares students for careers as recording engineers, live sound engineers, record producers, and a wide variety of other music industry positions where thorough training in audio and an understanding of recording technology is essential. By utilizing all of the Component Programs this program provides students with the depth of knowledge and the wide variety of skills required for success in today’s music industry.


    Audio Engineering for Film and Television

    The Audio Engineering for Film and Televisionprogram prepares students for careers as recording engineers in the television and motion picture industries. This program utilizes three of the Component programs (Recording Engineering and Studio Techniques; Electronic Music, Synthesizers and MIDI and Audio Production Techniques, to train students in the fundamental concepts and abilities shared by all areas of audio engineering. Students then receive an additional 120 hours of specialized education and training in the areas of engineering unique to the preparation of sound tracks for feature films and television programs. The result is a highly trained audio engineer, qualified in the very latest concepts and methods used throughout the movie industry. As an Audio Engineering for Film and Television student, you will receive hands-on training, using the actual equipment you will encounter in major movie and television studios through-out the world.


    The Comprehensive Recording Industry Program

    Each of the programs at The Omega Studios’ School has been carefully crafted to provide a clearly defined vocational objective. However, a highly motivated student desiring the strongest educational foundation for a career—and the greatest possible choice of jobs in audio recording and production—should seriously consider enrolling in all the programs offered by The Omega Studios’ School. We refer to this combination as The Comprehensive Recording Industry program.

    The Comprehensive program combines the curricula of the Audio Engineering for the Music Industry and the Audio Engineering for Film and Television programs. It prepares students for careers as audio engineers in virtually any position in the music, motion picture or television industries.

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