Peabody Conservatory of the Johns Hopkins University

    Peabody Conservatory of the Johns Hopkins University


    • Listing Type: Colleges & Universities
    • Top Majors: Music, Dance
    • Degrees Awarded: 4 Year + Graduate
    • Type: Private
    • Country: United States
    • In State Tuition: $41,190
    • Out of State Tuition: $41,190
    • Religious Affiliation: None
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    The Peabody Conservatory strives to provide aspiring artists with the skills to pursue professional careers in music and the education to become leaders in the cultural life of their communities. Peabody is a gathering place for intellectual and artistic participants in the field of music.

    Located in the heart of Baltimore's Mount Vernon Cultural District, the Peabody Institute was founded in 1857 as America's first academy of music by philanthropist George Peabody. Today, Peabody boasts a preeminent faculty, a nurturing, collaborative learning environment, and the academic resources of one of the nation's leading universities, Johns Hopkins, with which Peabody affiliated in 1977. Among the Conservatory's most illustrious alumni are pianist Andre Watts, vocalists James Morris and Richard Cassilly of the Metropolitan Opera, and Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Dominick Argento. Each year, Peabody stages nearly 1,000 concerts and performances, ranging from classical to contemporary to jazz, many of them free - a testament to the vision of George Peabody.

    The Peabody Conservatory awards four degrees: The Bachelor of Music (Performance, Jazz Performance, Composition, Computer Music, Recording Arts, Music Education), The Master of Music (Composition, Computer Music, Conducting, Performance, Jazz Performance, Music Education, Musicology, Music Theory Pedagogy), The Master of Arts (Recording Arts and Sciences), and The Doctor of Musical Arts (Composition, Conducting, Performance). The Peabody Conservatory also awards three diplomas: The Performer Certificate (Performance), The Graduate Performance Diploma (Performance, Conducting), and The Artists Diploma (Performance, Conducting).

    Peabody students go on to occupy the top echelons of the music profession worldwide. However, because they engage in broader, humanistic courses, they also are able to play important roles in society, not just on the concert stage. The Institute's students and graduates are music entrepreneurs who have a dynamic presence in society where they are advocates not just for themselves, but also for the importance and relevance of music and art in contemporary culture.

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