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    • it was amazing i made...
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      Reviewed on Jan/24/2024 by hami0189

      it was amazing. i made strong friendships that i never had back home. i wish i could go back to have more time with the people i met. i learned a lot in my concentration. it prepared me for the job i want after college.

    • I wish to enroll my...
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      Reviewed on Dec/19/2023 by ajh2259

      I wish to enroll my sond in the Explo Precollege program once more next year. His previous participation was incredibly rewarding, offering him exceptional learning opportunities, fostering leadership skills, and providing a delightful and memorable experience. His enthusiasm and strong desire to rejoin the program next year clearly indicate the positive impact it had on his personal growth and achievements.

    • My child really enjoyed her...
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      Reviewed on Nov/30/2023 by jvende

      My child really enjoyed her 2023 summer here. She said it was well run and she made lots of new friends. I think it's a very positive, safe, and supportive environment without any/many screens. She also thought the camp was very well organized and run. Thank you!!!

    • Summer session of July at...
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      Reviewed on Jul/25/2023 by Benjamin Gray

      Summer session of July 2023 at Sarah Lawrence was a steep decline from previous years at Explo at Sarah Lawrence and other locations. We will not be sending our child back and have encouraged friends and family to find something else for their kids too. We have heard from other Explo parents who have had a similar experience. Sad, it used to be a great program.