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    TeenLife Virtual Gap Year Fairs for 2022

    TeenLife Virtual Gap Year Fairs for 2022

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    TeenLife LIVE Gap Year Fairs

    TeenLife offers a number of services to help you find your perfect gap year, including our 2022 Guide to Gap Year Programs. However, our TeenLife LIVE Virtual Fairs, which allow students to hear from gap year programs directly, is one of our most effective and popular.

    Designed to replicate an in-person fair where parents, students and educators hear from multiple presenters in a short amount of time, our TeenLife LIVE gap fairs are one of the best ways to connect students with the opportunities that interest them most. Have you attended one of gap fairs in the past? If not, you can check out a recap of our most recent events below. Or, you can sign up for our upcoming February Gap Fair and April Gap Fair now.

    TeenLife Virtual Gap Fair: November 2021

    At our November 2021 virtual fair, 12 gap programs presented their unique opportunities. The following programs participated:

    Living City Project

    The Living City Project provides a unique outdoor program that uses New York City as its classroom. Participants aged 18-22 will engage with city officials, artists, policymakers, journalists, performers, activists, and entrepreneurs to work on a project addressing challenges facing the city.  You can find out more about this exciting opportunity by watching Living City Project's November 2021 TeenLife presentation.

    Wy’East Mountain Academy

    Wy’East Mountain Academy combines academics with action sports for their gap year experience. High school graduates aged 17-19 that are looking for a program that provides academic and athletic refinement, guidance and support, and a chance to connect with peers that share their passions should check out Wy'East Mountain Academy’s November 2021 TeenLife presentation.

    EF International Language Campuses

    EF International Language Campusesoffers students aged 16 and up the opportunity to study abroad while learning a new language and becoming fluent in a new culture. Those looking to expand their horizons will find that EF programs cover 10 languages across 50 destinations. With over 150 study programs available, take a look at  EF International Language Campuses' November 2021 TeenLife presentation to find one that’s right for you.

    Pacific Discovery

    Pacific Discovery specializes in experiential journeys for those looking to blend authentic cultural immersion, meaningful service, and wilderness adventure. With over 20 years of experience, they can help you plan your gap year experience and offer customized educational travel programs for high school and university groups. Students aged 17 and up interested in exploring their impact as a global citizen should watch Pacific Discovery’s November 2021 TeenLife presentation to learn more.

    Watson Institute Semester Accelerator

    Watson Institute Semester Accelerator is looking for young entrepreneurs ages 18 and up seeking guidance and training with an early-stage venture or project. This hybrid program consisting of mentorship, master courses, and community will be delivered in a combination of in-person and virtual formats. To find out how Watson Institute can develop your entrepreneurial skills and accelerate your venture, watch Watson Institute Semester Accelerator's November 2021 TeenLife presentation.

    Ingenuity Year

    Ingenuity Year is a gap semester program located in Coastal Maine. It invites students aged 17-21 with an interest in conducting climate change research. This program was designed for students with diagnosed and undiagnosed learning differences; however, any student who is interested in understanding how they learn and developing their educational growth is welcome to apply. Watch Ingenuity Year's November 2021 TeenLife presentation to find out more.


    Praxis presents an alternative to college, graduate programs, or trade school. Their year-long program matches participants with career paths based on their interests, helps them build relevant skills, and guides them toward a full-time paid apprenticeship by month 7. Those looking for a different approach to their future careers should watch Praxis' November 2021 TeenLife presentation.

    Amigos de las Américas

    Amigos de las Américas is a gap semester program, open to ages 17 and up. It is is focused on service, leadership, and cultural humility. You can spend a gap semester in Costa Rica or Ecuador, where you can focus on environmental conservation and be part of a community driven to protect the landscape. Want to know if this program is right for you? Watch Amigos de las Américas’ November 2021 TeenLife presentation to find out more.

    EF Gap Year

    EF Gap Year offers over 21 destinations across Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Oceania for individuals aged 18 to 22 years-old. Your gap program can focus on cultural immersion, language study, community service, internships, and/or leadership. You can take on a gap year (25 weeks and three destinations) or a gap semester (12 weeks and two destinations). Go anywhere from Thailand to Stockholm and make your gap experience yours. Find out more on how to sign up, how to qualify, and what you can expect from the entire process by watching EF Gap Year’s November 2021 TeenLife presentation.

    Carpe Diem Education

    Carpe Diem Education offers semester or year-long gap programs. They take place in Italy & Greece, Spain & Morocco, the South Pacific, Central America, South America, India, and Southeast Asia. Each location focuses on different goals, like climate change/environmental conservation, leadership, language immersion, human rights, cultural exchange, and spirituality. Participants can also earn college credit and can earn scholarships to pay for semester or year-long programs. Want to hear more about what you can expect from this exciting opportunity? Watch Carpe Diem Education’s November 2021 TeenLife presentation.

    Alzar Gap

    Alzar Gap is a wilderness gap program open for those aged 18 to 20. Participants will learn leadership and communication skills. They will also training in environmental stewardship and outdoor industry. You can experience multi-day skiing, backpacking, rafting, and kayaking in scenic locations. You will also earn valuable certifications and learn necessary skills to join the adventure industry. What kind of certifications can you earn during the program? What else can you expect? Find out by watching Alzar Gap’s November 2021 TeenLife presentation.

    Interested in connecting with any of the above programs? You can submit a request for more information here!

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