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    • I went on the EF's...
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      Reviewed on Jan/25/2024 by annabellekfgross

      I went on the EF's 10 week GAP SEMESTER Pathfinder program. We visited Iceland, the UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. I highly recommend taking this trip. This trip is exhausting, exciting, overwhelming, fascinating, all in one. If you are unsure about it, GO! It is the perfect chance to explore different cultures, hear different languages, and meet all kinds of people. Of course there are cons to this trip, but I can ensure you that the pros will outweigh the cons tremendously. If you are afraid to travel with people you don't know, please know that they will soon become some of the greatest people you will meet. EF does a great job with curating events throughout your program and my tour guide and student life coordinator were the best. I went in with not knowing an ounce of what I wanted to pursue in the future and after the trip, I have a much clearer view. Remember, the greatest things are right outside your comfort zone!

    • I was so worried about...
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      Reviewed on Jun/06/2023 by Annabella Ratliff

      I was so worried about college and my next steps in life after I graduated high school in 2022. I decided I wanted to take a gap year and see where life takes me. In the fall of my gap year, I found EF's website and fell in love. I decided on the European discovery since I always wanted to go to Europe especially France and Italy! I worked and saved the next few months and in April of 2023, I finally flew to London and met my fellow travelers. And I can't put into words how amazing it was. I had a great group and tour leaders who made the experience so much better! I felt supported 24/7. It was affordable with insurance plans, a phone bill plan and great hotel/hostel accommodations! I felt safe at all times. We had amazing dinner reservations, wonderful tour guides in the cities we were at and special activities such a cheese factory, a cooking class and more!
      I will be returning to EF on my next trip!

    • My experience with EF Gap...
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      Reviewed on Feb/09/2023 by Christine Seeger

      My experience with EF Gap Year was one I will never forget. I could visit many European countries and cities and even take weekend trips outside my language classes in Barcelona and internship in Sevilla. My language skills improved infinitely and I left with memories and friendships to last a lifetime. EF handles everything for you, flights, transportation, a few meals in each city you visit, and incredible tour guides. My tour guide, Ivan, was incredible and went out of his way to ensure that everyone was comfortable and had everything they needed. I miss my time with EF, and if you are on the fence about taking a gap year, just say yes!