Learn about the history of fashion, how trends are made, and the skills you need to pursue a career in fashion in this flexible, online pre-college course for high school students by Parsons Paris. You’ll be mentored by a graduate of The New School/Parsons and taught by Parsons Paris faculty.  

In this course, Inside the Business of Fashion and Luxury, you will...  

•  Find out where you could fit in the dynamic world of fashion

•  Learn the inner workings of the fashion business

•  Get input from fashion professionals on your creative project

•  Connect with other fashion-minded students

•  Develop the skills to create a professional presentation with video content

•  Earn a Certificate of Completion from Parsons Paris

The course is 100% online and almost entirely asynchronous, meaning that you can do it whenever it works with your schedule. There will be 30 hours of overall course time over 2 or 4 weeks, depending on the session you choose, including recorded video lessons, unit assignments, and sessions with your mentor. 

Lessons will cover the following subjects, among others:

•  The history of Chanel, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, and more

•  How popular fashion brands come to life

•  What is luxury?

•  What makes a trend?

•  Fashion capitals of the world

•  Behind the scenes at fashion shows

•  Sustainability in fashion

•  How fashion influences the way we live and think

•  Social media and fashion

The course culminates with a special Insider's Challenge, which will allow you to demonstrate your learning and apply the knowledge acquired. Choose one of three exciting topics and let your creativity guide you! Complete your Challenge and express yourself through your choice of media, such as text, photography, video, collages, or drawings.

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Participant Reviews

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