Arcos Journeys: Spanish Language & Culture in Granada, Spain

    Arcos Journeys: Spanish Language & Culture in Granada, Spain

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    • Listing Type: Summer Programs
    • Destination: Spain
    • Program Delivery: Residential
    • Session Start: June, July, August
    • Session Length: Two Weeks, Six Weeks, Four Weeks, Two Months, Three Weeks, Five Weeks
    • Entering Grade: 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th
    • Gender: Coed
    • Category: Language
    • Sub-Categories: Spanish
    • Selective: No
    • Ages: 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
    • Minimum Cost: $1,500 - $2,999
    • Application Deadline: 05/15/22
    • Call: (512) 380-1706
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    Study Spanish in one of the most ancient and diverse cities in Spain - Granada! Explore the narrow, cobblestoned streets of the former Muslim quarter, the Albaicin, wander the passageways of the Alhambra, or enter the caves of the Gypsies and experience the passion of a flamenco performance!

    High school students have the opportunity to study at an accredited Spanish university in Granada, Spain, and earn college credit! Take Spanish classes during the summer in the historic section of Granada. The Arcos Journeys Abroad summer programs provide quality academic support and assistance while high school teens are on their study abroad program. Students become truly immersed in the Spanish culture as they live with local host families.

    The Arcos Journeys Abroad overnight summer programs are for all students who have a desire to learn about Spanish language and culture and experience Spain! On the program you will cultivate relationships, gain language skills, and produce memories to last a lifetime!

    Study at the prestigious University of Granada, founded in 1531, during the Summer II session. Classes are taught in the historic Realejo neighborhood in a former palace dating from the 16th century.

    iNMSOL Spanish Language School is one of Spain's premier language schools located in the historical center. Students in the Summer I and III sessions receive the highest level of personalized attention and instructions. iNMSOL provides an open and dynamic form of language learning, based on flexibility, combined with communication and formal reflection. This residential summer program encourages students to use Spanish in a practical way through conversation, media articles, music, etc., while still concentrating on the fundamental basics and set objectives of the curriculum.

    On the weekends, students participate in travel excursions. High school students will explore the exotic Alhambra (the ancient palace of the Sultans and one of the most impressive monuments in the world), hike in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and swim in the clear Mediterranean waters of the Costa del Sol. Cultural activities include cooking classes, art workshops, flamenco performances, and city tours.

    Cost and Session Information

    All summer programs include tuition, full room & board with a homestay, excursions, cultural activities, 24/7 onsite directors support, international medical insurance, transcripts & much more!

    Reviews (4)

    • Wonderful Program
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      Reviewed on 09/11/2021 by mahausman

      My high school daughter had a wonderful experience studying Spanish and living in Granada. The side trips were great too. Great ratio of scheduled and free time. Both the US-based staff and the Granada staff were wonderful, responsive and easy to talk to. They were SO helpful when my daughter was having some challenges. Her Spanish improved a lot.

      Her home-stay was so-so. It was safe, but she didn't connect with the host - who was a single person. I think she would have preferred a family.

    • My son attended the Buenos...
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      Reviewed on 03/09/2014 by mom

      My son attended the Buenos Aires summer program for 4 weeks, and my daughter attended the Costa Rica summer program for 3 weeks. They each had a great time! They loved their host families, Spanish teachers and the fun (outdoor, cultural, etc.) programs.

      Their Spanish improved so much -- and more important, their comfort level in speaking. It also motivated them to want to continue with higher level Spanish in high school. My son did great on his Spanish AP and SAT subject tests (my daughter has not taken those yet).

      My niece and her friend also loved the Costa Rica program, and I have met a few other families who also had great experiences with [Arcos Journey Abroad]. I am happy to recommend them! I remember searching for reviews as I was nervous about sending my son, and would have loved to find experiences like this on the web, which is why I decided to write this!. (At the time I called references given by SA.)

    • Our Year old son went...
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      Reviewed on 22/07/2014 by Happy First Timer

      Our 16 Year old son went to Granada, Spain for three weeks with [Arcos Journey Abroad] and he had an amazing time. It was a big step, first time abroad solo, did not go with school friends, and had to communicate in Spanish. He got along nicely with a guy from another state, loved his host family, enjoyed the classes, and loved the excursions, getting to know Spain and making new friends. Everybody wasn't best friends, but most everyone made an effort to get along and make the trip enjoyable for each other. He texted home, "It's super fun, I love it!"

      I also want to say [Arcos Journey Abroad] was very responsive. Our son's luggage got lost on the way to Spain. Hey it happens, but it was sorted out. Welcome to the world of travel. We also had issues with a credit card we had sent him with. After a few failed attempts with Spanish banks, we contacted the US office and were able to get funds to him with [Arcos Journey Abroad]'s assistance.

      It's a great program with nice kids, caring host families, wonderful excursions and support when you need it. I would say it was a success...especially when are son said he was sad to say goodbye and can't wait to go back some day!

    • To start off I'd like...
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      Reviewed on 21/10/2013 by Zach T

      To start off, I'd like to say that my experience in Buenos Aires was incredible. Overall, the three weeks I was there included some of the most amazing and eventful days I've ever had! I'm currently a 10th grade student in California, and I felt as though the trip was perfect for me. Not only did I immediately click with my lovely host-mother, but I got to stay with my best friend as well. The apartment was more than adequate, with internet, comfortable beds, and TV's. The food that our host cooked was absolutely delicious. When I got sick, she made me vegetable soup and herbal tea. Clearly, [Arcos Journey Abroad] hooked me up with an excellent living situation.

      The education was also exceptional. For a few hours every day, I was in a classroom occupied by my professor and me, nobody else (as I was the only student at level eight on the academy's curriculum). This one-on-one time was very valuable, and it helped my Spanish tremendously. Although I came to Argentina practically fluent, I cannot begin to tell you how much easier speaking the language is after having such an experience. Furthermore, the academy is located right in the city center, which means I could get some pretty good food right before or after class.

      Additionally, the excursions were really fun. Our group, comprised of about 8 American kids, got along really well. Within days, we were all friends. This furthered my enjoyment as a student, being able to connect with these other kids. We had the pleasure of visiting everything from La Bombonera (famous soccer stadium, home of the BOCA Juniors), to an authentic Argentinian gaucho ranch. Probably the most memorable experience on the trip was meeting the students of a school in Buenos Aires. We hung out with them a few times while I was there, and that was definitely my favorite part. I had an absolute blast with [Arcos Journey Abroad], and I hope you do the same.

      Lastly, I really want to emphasize the need to practice speaking Spanish now, so that when you're in Argentina, you'll be at least fairly comfortable with the language! Helped me a ton :) thanks!

      -Zach T, Agoura Hills, CA

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