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    CIEE High School Semester Abroad in Italy

    CIEE High School Semester Abroad in Italy


    • Listing Type: Private Schools
    • Residency: Residential
    • Type: Semester, Year Abroad
    • Grades Offered: 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th
    • Country: Italy
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    Become fluent in Italian in the birthplace of the Renaissance.

    The birthplace of the Renaissance is known for its beautiful language, exquisite architecture, and world-famous art and cuisine. Spend your free time in museums and cathedrals, attending local festivals, and eating delicious food. Six days a week, you will spend five hours in classes taught solely in Italian at your local public school. For the first eight weeks, you will also take a dedicated Italian language course two hours a week, to keep you up to speed. Whether you are placed in a small town outside of Florence, the City of Flowers, to the north, or in the southern hilltop community of Calitri, with CIEE high school study abroad in Italy, you will explore more than 3,000 years of rich history, both in class at the local high school and through your own personal explorations. Meet up with friends after a day of classes to share real pizza margherita and gelato. Explore the Italian countryside during a school field trip. Practice your Italian while cheering on the local futbol team during an exciting match. Advance your Italian proficiency each day through chats with teachers and classmates, and dinnertime conversations with your homestay, and gain important international experiences that can help get you into your first-choice college. If you are ready, Italy awaits.