STEM Summer Programs

    What is a STEM Summer Program?

    There are scores of summer programs for students interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). Some are pre-college programs on college campuses and may even offer college credit. There are programs for high school students in all subjects, including physics, medicine, computer science and coding, forensics, robotics, civil engineering, artificial intelligence, biomedicine, chemistry, mathematics, video games and even STEM entrepreneurship. Programs last from one week to all summer; there's one to fit your schedule and budget. There are also many virtual/online STEM summer programs available! From all topics, like robotics to pre-med!

    Why Should I Take A Summer STEM Program?

    If you are passionate about STEM and want to pursue a career in STEM, then a STEM summer program can help you explore more avenues to see which field most speaks to you. Why wait until college before you dive into the STEM field of your choice? Start now and see if it is really right for you.

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