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    Summer Soccer Camp Opportunities With Soccer Camps International

    Posted May 16, 2022, 3:00 pm by Soccer Camps International
    Soccer player places foot on soccer ball in stadium

    5 Ways Soccer Camps International Help Teens Find a Summer Soccer Camp

    Soccer Camps International is a US sport agency founded in 1999 in California that helps students connect with summer soccer camp opportunities. For more than two decades, they have been a leader in connecting students with famous official summer soccer camps from famous and prestigious clubs, providing the best services and information in popular soccer camps and football camps around Europe.

    Soccer Camps International’s consulting services can assist you or your teen in determining which soccer camp has the program offerings you are interested in the most.

    Here's 5 reasons why Soccer Camps International can make a difference for you this year!

    1. Twenty-Five Years of Experience

    Soccer Camps International has 25 years of experience connecting teens all over the world with Summer Soccer Camps in Europe. Because of this, they know what parents want for their kids when they travel internationally and are looking for the best summer soccer camp for their children. Soccer Camps International can connect teens with an elite soccer camp in England, Spain, France, Italy or Portugal!

    A soccer ball flies into a net

    2.  Training Methods From the Best Soccer Teams in the World

    The elite soccer camps offered by Soccer Camps International include the training methods from some of the top European soccer clubs, including:

    • Manchester City
    • Liverpool
    • Arsenal
    • Chelsea
    • Real Madrid
    • Barcelona
    • Paris Saint Germain
    • AC Milan
    • Juventus
    • Benfica Lisbon
    • And Many More!

    3. An Unforgettable Experience at a Summer Soccer Camp

    While attending an elite soccer camp abroad, teens will meet with players from all over the world as well as any locals who are attending. They will bring back home long lasting soccer and camps memories and learn from the best academy soccer programs in Europe.

    Some camps offer training sessions at the soccer club official training facilities not open to the public, where teens will be able to experience professional training environments and see why these clubs are at the top of the game.

    Two soccer players at a summer soccer camp compete on a field

    4. A Wide Range of Different Summer Soccer Camp Options

    Soccer Camps International offers many different options for your soccer holiday. From one week excursions to multiple weeks residential stays with great accommodations and staff, Soccer Camps International has it all.

    Day Camp options are also available, so students will not have to stay overnight at the camp and enjoy time with their parents every evening! Other options include goalkeeper training options and girls only sessions, where girls can develop their game and learn near drills and training methods adapted to the fast developing women’s soccer world.

    5. Discover Europe the Soccer Way!

    By participating in a summer soccer camp with Soccer Camps International, teens will be able to explore Europe in a unique and exciting way. Teens will be able to visit the stadiums of incredible soccer teams who have made history over decades of national and international “football glory" and many other incredible European landmarks!

    Want more details?

    Want to learn more about these incredible summer soccer camps programs, you can request more information about these programs thru our website at Soccer Camps International and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be very happy to provide you with the best answers you have about First Class Soccer Camps for World Class Soccer Players!

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    Soccer Camps International

    Soccer Camps International

    Soccer Camps International is a US sport agency founded in 1999 in California. For more than two decades, Soccer Camps International has provided the best services and information in popular soccer camps and football camps around Europe.