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    The Theatre School at DePaul University: Garrett Young

    Posted July 19, 2018, 1:00 pm by TeenLife
    The Theatre School at DePaul University: Garrett Young

    Garrett Young is studying acting at The Theatre School at DePaul University.

    I chose DePaul for so many reasons, but I’ll list a few of them:

    • Chicago is hands down the greatest city to study theater, the artistic community here is rich and vibrant; seeing professors and alumni work on phenomenal shows inspires me.
    • The conservatory training here is intense. I wanted a school that was going to push me miles outside of my habitual sweet spots, and my teachers don’t let me get away with any bull.
    • 100 percent of admitted Theatre School students receive a scholarship, and that certainly sweetened the deal for me.

    What first got you interested in theater?

    I was about 8 when I stepped on stage for the first time. I was in “Oliver Jr.” playing Fagan (obviously). my wig fell off, I muttered something about premature hair loss, and the moment I heard that first laugh I knew I wanted to act for the rest of my life. And the wigs have actually gotten much better!

    What’s the most challenging part of acting?

    I think the most challenging thing about acting (and creating in general) is having the patience and the courage to wade around in the unknown. When I’m working on a role there’s always a temptation to jump ahead to the finished product, but I know I have to explore the strange, frightening places in between. That’s where all the juicy stuff is.

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