The course offered by Boston College Experience covers history of psychology, clinical skills, psychopathology, and a special topic in neuropsychology.

Psychology is the study of Mind. A social science that exploded into global consciousness throughout the 21st century, psychology continues to shape our experience within society and provide insights into the human potential for growth, healing, and understanding. The three pillars of psychology (i.e., neuroscience, anthropology, and philosophy), are integrated throughout the course activities and discussions, while incorporating a justice-oriented lens that seeks to understand the ways that privilege and power can inform clinical research and practice. Participants will consider the depth and rigor required of psychological researchers and clinicians to answer such questions as:

Is personality predicted by our genes? To what extent are we shaped by our family environment or culture?How do discriminatory attitudes form? Why do people sometimes prefer their own group, and fear the other?What happens following a traumatic brain injury? How can we help people (e.g., athletes, veterans) in their recovery?What are moods? Why do some people struggle with depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder and how can we help?

This course covers three units over two weeks:

*History of Psychology, spanning the ancient world through modern-day neuroscience
*Clinical Skills, in which students learn and apply approaches to psychotherapy
*Psychopathology, in which students gain hands-on experience with diagnosis and assessment. This unit also includes a Special Topic in Neuropsychology, which explores assessment and intervention approaches for neurological conditions.

Through participating in this course, students will gain a comprehensive introduction into the field, its career opportunities, and learn about themselves in the process. They will emerge with advanced knowledge from an immersive training comprised of fun and accessible lectures, activities/projects, and film.

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