The difference between writing at the high school and college levels is significant. This course, open to students of all writing abilities, clarifies what college writing is and begins to prepare students to meet the unique challenges they will face in undergraduate writing assignments.

In the course, the writing process will be demystified for students, who will practice flexible strategies for drafting, revising, and editing, so that they won’t feel stressed when they write. Fundamental rhetorical skills and critical reading and writing skills will be introduced as well, so that, through the application, students can gain increased confidence and versatility as writers. Students will explore examples of published writing, including pieces written by college students.

Simultaneously, they will practice and adapt the moves, conventions, and craft they see at play in others’ pieces to develop their own writing. Using writing to think, learn, and communicate, students will gain the perspective to succeed in a variety of college-level writing situations.

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