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    • My biggest win since writing this research topic will be finally submitting this paper, and it will be published. Research Professor mentored and taught me new concepts, while Coach Jo helped me a lot because she gave positive and blunt input that helped me further the horizons of my paper.

      - Laiba - July 24, 2022
    • University Research Professor and Creative Writer were very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire process. Their expertise ensured that my paper included an abundance of information.

      - Srihari - October 19, 2023
    • Yes, I definitely would recommend Cybersecurity research because this course helps you understand technology from a whole new aspect. Most people are introduced to computer science through coding but an important part of computer science is protecting information. Cybersecurity is so important but not well known to people who first begin to get into computer science but this course really helps show a whole new genre of comp sci that will always be important. 

      - Sahana - September 3, 2023
    • I believe recommending Gifted Gabber research program to someone is a way to encourage them to pursue a field that is not only intellectually stimulating but also offers significant career prospects and the opportunity to make a positive impact on society by addressing critical cybersecurity challenges. I would highly recommend this research to students who are pursuing in STEM, Computer Science, Engineering, or Business Fields. 

      - Suchaye - October 9, 2023
    • My biggest win has been the submission of a research paper to student journal. University helped me immensely, giving me a basis to learn on when it came to research, and allowing me to further pursue the field due to my foundational knowledge. Creative Writer's feedback on my paper as well as other students' papers were extremely vital in the finishing of my research paper, as his ideas, regardless of his knowledge on the subject, allowed me to write a more neat and cleaned up paper.

      - Vedaanth - September 18, 2023