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    Unleash your teen's strengths for success in school and beyond.  At the Gifted Gabber, Coach Jo offers coaching and training to help teens excel in school, master communication, and land in top colleges.


    An Entrepreneur, Educator, Counselor, Confidant, Career Guide, an Engineer, and above all, a Mother. 

    Well, that's me, and I've been in this field for over five years. I have been instrumental in enabling at least 1000+ students in their academic and non-academic areas.

    What drives me is the difference that parents see in their children once they participate in one of our many programs. 

    I am an Independent Educational Consultant and College Counselor. I am trained to identify children's goals and be their supportive friend and trusted adviser. I trained under Peg Dawson, EdD., a renowned psychologist. I use this understanding to coach children to discover their strengths to overcome the hurdles and roadblocks on their path to success. I am a certified Meditation Instructor as well and strive to empower parents in their child’s educational journey.