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    Polygence: AI in STEM


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    How Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing Science and Engineering...In this Pod, we will take a look at how AI will transforms our world and brainstorm the ways in which it can be used across the science and engineering fields to solve some of the most challenging problems humans face today.

    Polygence Pods are 6-week structured courses that place students with 2 to 5 peers in group sessions guided by an expert mentor. Each session is 1 hour and features a mix of lecture and group discussion focused on a specific topic and learning objective, ultimately building towards a fun and fulfilling final project.

    There can be no doubt that Artificial Intelligence has greatly impacted technology and scientific innovation. After a review of the challenges, benefits and potential risks of AI, students will choose an area of opportunity and write a concise STEM-oriented paper and complete presentation about their ideas.