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    Social Justice Summer Programs

    Determined to be the change you want to see in the world? Consider a social justice summer program. Their curricula go deep into the pressing issues shaping our world today. Learn about:

    • Concepts of systemic racism and its impact on society
    • The fight for LGBTQ+ advocacy and the ongoing quest for equality
    • The principles of restorative justice, a powerful approach to conflict resolution that prioritizes healing and accountability
    • Differentiated instruction and bias assessment to equip you with the tools to recognize and dismantle systemic biases

    Social justice summer programs are designed to ignite critical thinking and empower you to engage in meaningful dialogue. Debate pressing issues concerning democracy, freedom, and justice with your peers. Many programs feature guest lecturers from non-profit organizations, social justice groups, civil liberty organizations, and policy think tanks. These individuals share their expertise and experiences, giving you a well-rounded perspective on social justice.

    Because social justice is so multifaceted, you might find yourself discussing civil rights, economic justice, labor rights, and human rights on a global scale, with your peers. Collaborating with a diverse group of students, each sharing their unique perspectives, fosters a deeper understanding of these and other social justice issues.

    Want to learn more about the sociological and human rights concepts fundamental to understanding social justice as you embark on a transformative journey toward a more just, equitable world? Browse out these programs today.

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