Social Justice Summer Programs

    Social Justice Summer Programs introduce students to the sociological and human rights concepts that are fundamental to understanding social justice. They are exposed to the historical and modern day inequalities that call for the social justice movement, learning to view many topics through the lenses of race, class and gender. The programs are typically offered at university and college campuses, as day or overnight sessions. In group discussions, through classwork and team projects, faculty guide students toward deeper and more complex understanding of concepts such as race theory, LGBTQ advocacy, restorative justice, differentiated instruction and bias assessment. The programs are designed to inspire critical thinking and discussion of democracy, freedom and justice. Students will delve into the topics of civil, economic, labor, and human rights while engaging their peers and guest lecturers from non-profit, social, civil liberty and policy think tank organizations.

    Champlain Pre-College Summer Programs: Social Justice Academy
    Summer Programs

    Champlain Pre-College Summer Programs: Social Justice Academy

    The Social Justice Academy offers motivated high school students the opportunity to dive into all aspects of social innovation and global change. Do you want to make a difference? In this intensive residential program, through project-based, hands-on learning and led by our expert faculty, you’ll work directly with community leaders and change agents to identify persistent social problems and collaborate to develop potential strategies...(more)

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